Zeus the Alaskan Malamute

I have a 140lb alaskan malamute-he’s been that size from about 10 months old.

I’ve had him from 8 weeks old, and have read about every book on training and on malamutes that’s out there. I’ve used
“Good Owner, Great Dog”, “The Monks of New Skete” , “Koehlers Method of Dog Training”, gone to puppy classes, and even had a very well-known local dog trainer at my house once a week from 8 months to 12 months to help me train Zeus.

Zeus although very lovable would be descent on leash with no one else around, but with any distraction on leash or off- I had a 140 pound freight train dislocating my shoulder.  He would destroy furniture by chewing, would knock people over by bumping into them, he would steal food off the counter-which is about eye level. And the most frustrating thing was I could never trust him. I felt bad for the dog because I always imagined bringing my malamute with me wherever I went, but with his sheer size I never felt comfortable in other peoples houses or in large public gatherings-when rowdiness wouldn’t be tolerated.

With the fact that I have a grandmother who frequently visits, and was going to be a father soon- I needed a dog that behaved. Although I spent plenty of time working with him- more than any of my friends have with their dogs-my job as an ER physician made it impossible to devote more then I already was giving. One of my colleagues told me about Ami and Doggie do right.

Since Zeus finished Ami’s 6 week course at her home in 2002, he has become the dog I’ve dreamed of.

I never use a leash (aside from a tab- for legal purposes).

Zeus will easily hold a 20 minute down at the dog park with other dogs playing around him whether I’m in sight or not.

Zeus will respond to the recall command, at full speed, as far away as 1/2 mile, ignore any and all distractions (squirrels,dogs, kids) and hit the Finish to the Left at full speed, without touching me at all.   It is a sight that has to be seen to be believed!

I’ve taken him to a dog friendly bed and breakfast in Michigan with my wife and was told that he was the best dog that they’d had at their establishment. I take him to eat at outdoor restaurants, sometimes putting him on a down alone while I go inside and order. Everyone is amazed at his beauty, size and obedience-Hence I keep lots of Ami’s business cards in my wallet.

He and my 11 month old daughter are the best of friends- he tiptoes around her, lets her ride him as she pulls his ears. She uses his tail as her personal rope. Ami has had a tremendous impact on my life and my dogs, as there is rarely anywhere we go without him- which makes both, Zeus and I, very happy.

Thank you Ami- George T. in Park Ridge

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