Yellow Light Dogs


Dogs that fit into the ‘Yellow Light‘  the category that means “use caution”  tend to be just a  more demanding of their owners time either because of a higher energy level or because they are more independent, more dominant or more excitable than green light dogs. Many of these breeds are known to be unreliable off-leash.  A dog that falls into the Yellow Light category is a dog that needs a family that will commit to rehabilitation of some sort. Most dogs in shelters or rescues will fall into the Yellow Light Category.

These are dogs that may dislike children, may be intolerant of strangers, may have difficulty adopting to a chaotic environment and may have a tendency to be intolerant of strange dogs or other animals.  These are dogs that can’t be crated, suffer from barrier frustration,  are destructive when left alone, are unwilling to honor human boundaries, tend to raid garbage cans, steal food and boss children around. These dogs are best for adults or families with older, considerate children or families that have experience with these more challenging breeds. The Northern sled dogs are in this category, as are Terriers, the Sight Hounds and the Scent Hounds. Many of the Flockguard breeds would fall into the Yellow Light area due to their independence.

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