YAY! Funny Animal Videos!

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! ๐Ÿ˜€ twitter.com OKAY! First and foremost, the song that is playing when the dog is skateboarding is “Fire on High” by ELO! This is a popular video featuring Tyson the skateboarding dog, hilarious cat videos, and an awesome penguin video! **If you get tired of the skateboarding dog… just stop watching! I’m tired of hearing it’s too long! You don’t have to watch it all!!!


  1. enemyofmandacity says:

    After he wipes out, I love how the skate boarding dog needs no prompting, and little assistance from his owner if any, to attempt to recover his board so he can contiune to do what he obviously loves to do. May he live long and skate board.

  2. atifali1122 says:

    friday and monday,,,,,,,hahahah,,,v funny especially that bear

  3. this is a funny video

  4. hahaha the polar bear is really funny…

  5. forgetyouforget says:

    = _ = Dude.. That dog skates better than I do!! D<

  6. blackhoundgames says:

    my turtle can ridethat skateboard better than that dog

  7. ZeeVideoGamer says:

    this dog skateboards better than me lol

  8. lillyloo231 says:

    wahey well that was ace x loved the dog xx

  9. stephstephheree says:

    Skateboarding dog. FTW.

  10. MrTimeLordVictorious says:

    what is up with that polar bear! oh and the dog is awesome.

  11. kristiang2704 says:

    Who ever own that dog is lucky

  12. julioarroyo751 says:

    you guys know that skate boarding dog is famous an lives here in los angeles

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