Tom and Katie

I really cannot thank you enough for the CGC class and the three agility classes. For me, there were several benefits. It was a bonding experience for Katie and me to share the challenge of learning new and difficult things together.

It was a regular weekly outing to which we both looked forward. As you can tell, Katie loves being with the other dogs and the other owners. The Petsmart staff is always most welcoming, but the most important benefit was Ami Moore.

I may have told you that Katie is the first dog I have ever trained. My mother trained the black cocker spaniel we had as a child and my wife trained the next two dogs, both buff colored cocker spaniels, which we owned successively (there was about an 18 month overlap when we owned both). As you can imagine, I needed all the help I could get.

Thus, in addition to the CGC “mechanics” and the agility drills, I learned so very much from you about how to train a dog in other ways. As I think I explained, she is my starting retirement project. I am enjoying it and everything to do with dog ownership and training.  All of your training will stay with Katie and me, and possibly a new puppy, perhaps a sister of Katie’s, that we may get.

Thus, a legacy is born – the Ami Moore legacy. This is why I am so grateful to you. you are always so willing and so generous in your giving of yourself to others.

All the very best to you, Ami, and good luck in your future. I hope our paths will cross again.



  1. Daryl Tatum says:

    I’m afraid you’re right. How can you learn if you don’t actually *do* the grooming? Your best bet is to contact the groomers in your area, ask them where they received their certifications, and if they would consider taking you on as an apprentice, to get some experience.

  2. Forest Brown says:

    Is he a purebred lab, just in for a bath and all it includes (cleaning ears, nails, etc)? If so, that is very high. However, if he’s a mix and getting trimmed or clipped it’s not unreasonable. Grooming seems like easy money, but it’s difficult and messy work. Spend a day at a shop helping out, it’s not as easy as it looks. Lol.

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