Possibly The World’s Funniest Dog Video

Possibly The World’s Funniest Dog Video


  1. is funny

  2. TakeTwoVideos says:

    Great compilation of vids! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. MrWildwildP says:

    Please support HKDR (HK Dog Rescue)!!
    HKDR is proud to be a No Kill Organization meaning that no dog under our care will be euthanized for any reason other than when it is the only humane option.
    Many have been caught by the government dog catchers and all are due to be destroyed after only 4 days unless they are chosen for re-homing or reclaimed by their owners. A few dogs are accepted directly by HKDR from their owners.

  4. z370Toronto says:

    1:28 the dog like wut the hell is thattttttttttt! hahaha

  5. PeAnUtbUtErx says:

    LMFAO AT 1:28

  6. @godofdoom77 ha ha ha

  7. 0:12 dude thats just MEAN!

  8. LethalBanjo says:

    @MariaCLive typo lmao

  9. TheAle89515 says:

    @XpornstarsX I didn’t even know that was legal…

  10. tiastarbreeze says:

    “My fingures in your mouth kitty but i dont feel no teeth” XD

  11. 1:26 jst stay there hahahahha

  12. @LethalBanjo Cars?

  13. LethalBanjo says:

    cars are funnier

  14. QUICKwaySCOPE says:

    0:05 Go to bed Jimmy!!! LMAO

  15. extremelyfatass says:

    HAHAHA 0:36

  16. Cool

  17. MrDarkmaker says:

    that girl poked that dog in the buttholel ol

  18. haveyougottube says:

    Have a look at me doing dog tricks. Please Subscibe.

  19. KatieBakeins says:

    My favorite~
    When the dog peed on the kid in the leaves. And my dad loves skydiving, maybe he can take our dog that loves him so much…

  20. actually here’s the trick. go to grabyourmp3..com to rip this song from youtube.

  21. cristmaspeng says:

    @frepi dumb ass

  22. Jona10washere says:

    0:29….Thats front limber needs work…lol

  23. mydogeatsbees says:

    these are ALL from AFV…

  24. Next generation car – DOG POWERD! Nice vid

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