The Alphatude Attitude

Your Dog Wants You To Lead Reviewed By Kathryn Marcinak HHP, BA, C-PT
Faculty Member of Global College of Natural Medicine

Ami Moore, an expert of the dog’s role in our modern lives, is a Canine Behaviorist, Credentialed Teacher and Adult Education Specialist, a Court Appointed Expert Witness for Dog Aggression, a Nationally Certified Occupational Therapist, a WANT Institute Certified Personal Relationship Coach, a Native American Medicine Women and Energetic Healer in addition to being the author of Alphatude Attitude.

In her book, Moore asks the reader to take a deeper look at themselves and the emotions or attitude that they are bringing to the table in relation to their “problem” dog. She helps you improve your relationship with describing five elements, alphatude, amiability, activity, affection, and the dog. Not only are all of these concepts addressed in detail, but also the most important concepts in each chapter is summarized concisely to stress their importance.

Another great feature of this book is the appendix full of wonderful information ranging from All About Modern Dog Training to Modern Dog Professionals.

Anyone planning on adding a new dog or puppy to their household must read section six titled Finding The Fifth Element Your New Dog. This section not only can help you decide what type of dog might fit best with your lifestyle, but also how to decipher the difference between a good dog breeder and a poor one. In addition, if you are looking to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter, Moore also guides you through that process.

While this book might be geared to people having problems with their dogs, I believe that anyone with a dog would benefit from reading this book to enrich their relationship with his or her dog.

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