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Hello Chicago Dog Whisperer,


Well, things are much more peaceful in the our household since your visit.  Both dogs are spending quiet time in their crates during the day and the whole night, which seems to calm then down.

Yoyo is doing very well with sitting before everything, although on walks she still walks too fast so she tightens the leash, so we stop & she sits.  We begin again and go about three steps and she is again at the end of the leash so we stop again.  Very slow going.

I decided to try working with Mondo on sitting and getting out the door and starting a walk.  It takes so much longer as Mondo seems to have a much stronger will than Yoyo, just as you told us at our first lesson.

Mondo has begun to sit, but he takes a long time before he decides to do it, although he is better at walking with a loose leash.

Furniture jumping has decreased and there has been no destructive chewing at all. All aggression toward our children and us has stopped.

Please let us know when you have some openings for our next session.  We are really looking forward to it.


Thank you so much for what we have learned so far.  The dogs are so much more pleasant to live with and we hardly know anything yet!


Ms. A in Barrington, Il

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