Testimonial: Cupcake The Poodle




“but another thing that has happened since I emailed you is that she is a new dog thanks to you!

She was definitely testing a bit, but I think it clicked that we mean business. She actually now sits

every time I stop even though that’s a new skill, places without question while we dine (although she needs a little help getting on the bench), and is an ANGEL on our walks. The only thing that she is doing that is annoying is whining and barking in the crate when I am not in room. But Chris is earthquaking her and the whining is diminishing. I am confident that this negative behavior will go away too.

I am sssoooo glad you became a dog whisperer! You are definitely the answer to our prayers!

Cupake is so well behaved in the elevator and walking through the lobby that almost everyone has asked us if we got a new dog!

And I took her to work today, based on your advice so that we could get her used to the school so that she could begin her Service Dog Training. The principal saw her sitting at my side.

I told her to Place and she stayed on her place for 60 minutes while we had a meeting about the school schedule; children ran in, parents walked by, other teacher came and went and Brownie NEVER moved!

Everyone was AMAZED.

K. McDonald

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