The real trouble with trying to keep up with two puppies is that since they have each other, they do not need you. Training is a nightmare-since they are bonded to each other but not you. If you try to separate them , they bark and howl for  hours. Even if you cover yourself in roast beef the puppies ignore you. So what can you do to get things back on track and have the puppy dog of your dreams?


The underlying problem is that the puppies have bonded to each other and not to you. You left them alone together while you were away, working for 6 to 10 hours  and then never separated them when you got home (because you felt guilty). So now their primary bond is with each other and not you or other members of your family.

Here are some basic tips for helping your puppies bond with humans and not with each other:

1. The pups should sleep apart, each in their own kennel.

2. Then, they should sleep in separate rooms but still in their crate.

3. Take them to separate puppy classes.

4. Name each puppy a very distinct name from the other, names that rhyme create confusion in the dogs mind.


Is Your Dog Suffering from Dry Skin This Chicago Winter

Dogs experience discomfort  every winter because of the dryness of their fur and skin. The cold, dry air of winter can give your dog flaky, rough, painful skin. This in turn can lead to everything from a  coat full of dandruff to  obsessive scratching and even hot spots or skin lesions. These types of constant pain can increase your dog’s aggressive nature.

Your dog doesn’t have to suffer just because of the cold, dry winter weather. Stop winter skin and coat problems in its tracks by taking some time to prepare your dog’s body for the season. Today I’d like to share some dog friendly tips that can help alleviate these symptoms.

The major factor in irritated dog skin is dry winter air. As soon as temperatures start dropping, a humidifier  in your home can help prevent symptoms that lead to dry skin.  The next thing to do is to make sure that your dog has access to fish oil tablets that will help heal skin from the inside.


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The Boxer is a popular Chicago dog breed that was originally developed in Germany in the 19th century.  According to historical accounts, the Boxer is actually a descendent of the bulldog.  Boxers were initially used for hunting wild boar, bear, bison, and other large prey.

The Boxer’s duty was to hold down prey until the hunter could get to it.The name, “Boxer,” was given to this breed because of the way the dog fights.  Boxers are known for standing on their hind legs while batting at an opponent, much like a boxer would do in the ring.  During World War I, Boxers were used as messenger dogs, pack carriers, attack dogs, and guard dogs.

The Boxer was also one of the first breeds to be used for police training in Germany.  Boxers have also been known to be used as Seeing Eye dogs for the blind.  Presently, Boxers are still used for guard duty and for aiding the blind, but the breed has become more popular in the home as an addition to the families in Chicago.

The Boxer Personality

in Chicago, Boxers are known both for their jolly temperament and for their bold appearance.  The Boxer is an intelligent and alert dog perfect for protecting your home in Chicago.  They are very dignified and self-assured and thus command respect on Chicago streets.  When faced with danger, Boxers show fearless courage, a very desirable trait when you are walking from a late night Chicago party or Chicago Cubs baseball game.  Boxers are loyal and affectionate toward their owners, and are often playful and patient with strangers-if the stranger has good vibes.

The Boxer Appearance

Many Chicago dog lovers adore Boxers because of their easy going temperament.  The appearance of the Boxer is also something that draws Chicago dog lovers to the breed.  The Boxer is a medium-large breed that is very powerful looking.  Adult male Boxers are usually between 23 and 25 inches tall.  Females are between 21.5 and 23.5 inches tall.  Boxers will usually weight between 54 and 80 pounds when full grown.

One of the most distinct characteristics of the Boxer is its muscular build.  This is a dog breed that looks extremely toned and therefore is perceived as being very strong by the public.  The coat of the Boxer is short, shiny, and smooth.  The color of the Boxer’s coat is either referred to as fawn, or brindle.  These are the only two colorations of the Boxer that are recognized by AKC.  The Boxer’s tail is almost always docked, and ears are cropped to stand erect.  This gives the Boxer the appearance of being alert at all times.  It is because of the Boxer’s temperament and alert appearance that it is such a popular breed in urban areas like Chicago.

The Best Owners For Boxers

The Boxer is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a breed in the working group.  After the breed was brought to the United States, it began to become much more common for dog owners in Chicago.  The AKC first recognized the Boxer as an official breed in 1904.  However, it wasn’t until the late 1930’s that the Boxer gained popularity and was well known around the country.  As the Boxer gained popularity, is became much more common as a family pet in big cities like Chicago.

Boxers are generally easy to care for, but they do need daily exercise, they are not as high energy as other working breeds so they adapt better to the environment of cities like Chicago.  This is a dog breed that is very sensitive to extreme heat or cold so if you live in a city that has a hard winter, such as Chicago or Detroit-clothing for your Boxer is mandatory.  For anyone in Chicago who is looking for a pet, the Boxer would be a great addition to the family.

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