The real trouble with trying to keep up with two puppies is that since they have each other, they do not need you. Training is a nightmare-since they are bonded to each other but not you. If you try to separate them , they bark and howl for  hours. Even if you cover yourself in roast beef the puppies ignore you. So what can you do to get things back on track and have the puppy dog of your dreams?


The underlying problem is that the puppies have bonded to each other and not to you. You left them alone together while you were away, working for 6 to 10 hours  and then never separated them when you got home (because you felt guilty). So now their primary bond is with each other and not you or other members of your family.

Here are some basic tips for helping your puppies bond with humans and not with each other:

1. The pups should sleep apart, each in their own kennel.

2. Then, they should sleep in separate rooms but still in their crate.

3. Take them to separate puppy classes.

4. Name each puppy a very distinct name from the other, names that rhyme create confusion in the dogs mind.


Aggressive Chicago Dogs: Why Do Dogs Bite

Aggressive Dogs in Chicago Can Be Rehabbed

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Many times a dog’s aggression such as jumping, barking or biting is seen as the result of “instinct” or “bad breeding”.    “Well,” says Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “When people blame their dog’s aggressive behavior on the dog’s instinct or past I know that the owner has given up on the dog emotionally. In my opinion aggressiveness is a personality trait that can be modified by balancing the dog and the humans.”

Aggressiveness does not appear by magic. The development of aggression is a complicated process in which several factors are involved such as: the home, the attitude of the owner and the energy level of the dog. The actions and reactions of other people and other dogs to the dog’s aggressive communication style reinforce a dog’s aggressive nature.  Just as it takes two to tango it takes two to tangle, dogs can’t be aggressive when the are alone. Aggression always needs another player on the stage.

Aggressive dogs are rarely cool, calm collected dogs in terms of their personality. In most cases, dogs that express aggressive behavior tend to fall into the nervous, anxious, fearful and hyper personality category.  These dogs tend to bite in highly specific situations so much so that the owners can click off each and every situation in which their dog would bite.

Horse Trainer Barrels into Social Media Scene with New Blog

Lisa Jakober grew up working with animals, specifically dogs and horses. Her days have been spent training these animals in agility, jumping, barrel racing and pleasure riding for nearly 40 years. In her more recent years, she works part time as a canine massage therapist and energy worker for both dogs and horses.

In an effort to transform her passion for animals into a prosperous online business, she developed a Web site,, which is set to launch in November of this year. Here other animal owners and enthusiasts can browse through a vast assortment of supplies and accessories for horses and dogs. Among her products are clothing and costumes, beds and crates, collars, carriers and totes, toys and much more, for dogs. Her collection of horse products includes halters, leads, blankets, grooming equipment and tools, toys and Western saddles.

“It’s often hard to find affordable supplies that people want and need for pets and animals. My Web site was built to provide the essential and luxury items for dogs and horses at competitive prices,” Jakober said.

Ultimately, she hopes to build a horse and dog rescue program with the money she earns from her Web site. Her undying devotion and love for animals is the motivating factor behind her business and plans for the future. Customers are encouraged to visit the site’s newest feature, This interactive blog will serve as a platform for discussion about product information and the introduction of new merchandise. Jakober will also write about her personal experiences working with animals.

About the Company: is owned and operated by horse and dog trainer Lisa Jakober.

Training Your Dog in the Digital Age

Training Your Dog in the Digital Age: World Renown Animal Trainer Makes Full Video Library Available Over the Internet

Karen Pryor, a pioneer and innovator of force-free training systems for pets and animals since 1960, is leveraging the power of the Internet and high-speed connections to give pet owners instantaneous access to complete lessons for training their dogs, cats, llamas, rabbits, and even pet fish through ClickFlicks, a new and unique online service.

ClickFlicks ( is the first site to offer an entire library’s worth of downloadable video lessons for training pets. With the new ClickFlicks service, pet owners and pet professionals can preview and download top-quality video lessons just as easily as listening to and purchasing music online. Over 50 video lessons and full-length videos, all produced by top animal trainers, are already available. ClickFlicks makes a comprehensive, quality video library instantly and conveniently available with zero shipping costs and zero ground transport time.

Customers purchase a complete video or just the video lesson that interests them. For example, if a pet owner wants to learn to housetrain a puppy, she can preview and purchase a video lesson designed just for that purpose. If she wants to teach a dog to wait calmly at open doors, there’s a video lesson on that, too. Have a dog that needs to learn to sit to greet strangers, instead of jumping up? Want to teach your dog to fetch a drink from the fridge? From complete puppy and adult dog training, to cool and useful behaviors, good manners, service dog training, and canine competition skills, ClickFlicks has it all.

The all-positive training methods offered on ClickFlicks use clicker training, an increasingly popular punishment-free technique that Karen Pryor helped to pioneer, now employed by top animal trainers, oceanariums, and zoos around the world as well as thousands of pet trainers and owners globally. The efficiency and power of clicker training appeals to the many pet owners and professional trainers who won’t use training methods based on dominance, fear, and the kind of “discipline” promoted by Cesar Millan, among others.

“The global community of clicker trainers have demonstrated over and over again that the most powerful and fun way of teaching is through applying the scientific principles of operant conditioning and a marker signal,” said Karen Pryor. “Professional trainers are increasingly giving up punishment in favor of clicker training because of how quickly and efficiently animals learn when trainers use clicker training. It’s already turned the corner in the large institutions and we have incredible momentum in the general public arena. The power of this training technique is something that is best seen to be believed—and ClickFlicks makes it real and accessible because a video is worth ten thousand words.”

Pryor added, “ClickFlicks video lessons are also a useful tool for professional trainers, who can use video lessons to provide their students a compelling picture of where they’re heading and why—and highlight the simple and incomparable clarity of clicker training. A quick video of distance work, for example, can work wonders. A dog working at a distance is jaw-dropping stuff. Its impact can be seen in students’ faces. ‘You mean that could be me? That could be my dog?’ Yes, absolutely.”

ClickFlicks video lessons are only .99! Full-length videos at ClickFlicks sell for less than the boxed price, and there are free streaming video lessons on the FreeFlicks section of the website. ClickFlicks is the most economical and most convenient way to understand how to train your pet to become the lifelong companion you want. Accelerate your learning, bit by bit.

Pet Power and Politics – Behind Every Leash is a Vote

Pet Power and Politics Celebrity Pet Trainer Bash Dibra Says “Behind Every Leash is a Vote”

Does every politician have to have a pet? How about every President? Does it help get votes in this election year? Throughout most of history almost every President has had a pet in the White House, mostly dogs, but for, some both a dog and a cat.

Bash Dibra advised and participated in the training of President Ronald Reagan’s dog Lucky, a Bouvier des Flanders, to adjust from the confines of the White House to live at the First Ranch. Bash also recommended adding Rex, a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, to the First Family as a traveling companion for First Lady Nancy Reagan.

He also advised and participated in the training of First Dog Buddy, President Bill Clinton’s Labrador Retriever, to become a well mannered White House Dog and Canine Good Citizen. After all, as First Dog, Buddy has to represent all the dogs of the United States. And Sox, their cat, to be the Feline Good Citizen!

Bash is sure, of course, that all of today’s Presidential candidates’ pets are very well trained, but when one of them gets to the White House it may need a “refresher” course. And, Bash is waiting to help the next President’s First Dog or First Cat (or both!)

Bash is an animal behaviorist, a renowned author of six books “Teach Your Dog to Behave; Dog Training By Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak; Your Dream Dog: A GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT BREED FOR YOU,” StarPet, “How To Make Your Pet A Star,” and a video and DVD “TEACH YOUR DOG TO BEHAVE.” Additional information on Bash is available on his website at

One-Of-A-Kind eMailService Now Available to All Dog Lovers

One-Of-A-Kind “Ask The Trainer” Service Now Available to All Dog Lovers With Email Access

Cordial Canines is now offering personalized answers and detailed instructions via email based on your individual and unique situation. Our approach is holistically based and incorporates the gentle Tellington TTouch® method. All inquiries are answered by Heidi, certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner and Professional Trainer.

Solve pesky behavior problems.

Learn how you might be contributing to some of your dog’s problems and how to overcome that hurdle.

Learn how to enhance the health and well-being of your aging or injured dog.

We will help you to see your dog in a new way, allowing you to communicate more effectively while gaining mutual respect for one another.

For a limited time, receive unlimited email support through the “Ask The Trainer” service for just .00 per inquiry. Try it now:

A satisfied client commented: “… you got back to me very quickly and I felt that you understood the situation and knew I needed a quick response to handle what was going on.”

Cordial Canines offers private sessions and group classes in the Los Angeles area.

For additional information, Contact: Heidi Saeter at 888-803-7302 or visit

Cordial Canines has been in business for four years offering positive dog training in the Los Angeles area. Heidi Saeter, owner, is a professional trainer and certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner.

Expert Dog Trainer Commands Attention

Expert Dog Trainer Commands Attention with New Social Media Blog

Barry Piper is undoubtedly a dog person. He has owned and trained three American Black Labs, which are of a taller and leaner stature than English Labs. Although he prefers big dogs, having such a build makes it easier for them to root through food in preparation on the kitchen counter tops. It also makes their tails just the right height to conveniently knock over trash cans and light-weight furniture. And if the dog is hyperactive or stubborn due to a lack of proper training, its destruction can be even more hazardous.

Fortunately, Piper never had such misfortune with his animals. His training methods — used on all three of his dogs — have proven to be successfully invaluable. In an effort to rescue other pet owners from the nightmare of disobedient pets, he launched in April of 2009.

“Large-bread pet owners who don’t spend the time to train their dog to respect them, and other humans, can face obnoxious and out-of-control behavior from their animals,” Piper said. “If your dog has been known to knock people over, beg for food or carelessly race throughout your house, proper pet training is the key, and much easier than you’d think.”

His Web site provides a variety of training books, DVDs and tools to ensure that every pet owner can find the best strategy for their dog. Shoppers can browse through an assortment of leashes, whistles, shock collars as well as an abundance of pet medications and nutrients, shampoo and pet deodorant to aid them in their training while keeping them healthy and happy. Piper also plans to add hard-to-find and specific training books geared toward pet owners who take their dogs hunting, use them to work in the field or are simply looking for advanced tricks to teach their dog.

Customers are encouraged to visit, the Web site’s most recent addition, which is an interactive blog that features information about general dog maintenance and health, dog foods and things to avoid and Piper’s personal training tips.

“The most important thing between a dog and his owner is the bond they share; dogs should look up to them lovingly, and not in fear,” Piper said.

About the Company: is owned and operated by expert dog trainer Barry Piper.

Homework CD Now Available From dogTEC’s Suite Trainer Products

Homework CD Now Available From dogTEC’s Suite Of Dog Trainer Products

dogTEC has added The dogPRO Homework CD, a collection of more than 45 fully editable positive reinforcement handouts and homework sheets, to its suite of business tools for dog trainers. “Every trainer needs homework sheets for private training clients and for dog training classes,” says Veronica Boutelle, MA Ed., CTC, business consultant and dogTEC’s founder. “Some trainers are terrific communicators and simply don’t have time to write such handouts themselves. Others plain hate to write. Either way, trainers usually end up making do with an assorted collection of documents from past classes, shelters, and the Internet.”

With this latest product from dogTEC, however, trainers can look wholly professional and still save themselves over 90 hours of work. The 45-55 topics covered on The dogPRO Homework CD include all the most common obedience behaviors, R+ training concepts, clicker training, behavior modification foundation learning (such as how dogs learn), and a number of prevention topics like house-training, puppy socialization, and anti-jump. The handouts have been laid out by a designer, can be customized with the dog trainer’s own logo, and are fully editable.

Gina Phairas, BSc Comms, CTC, a dogTEC business consultant and the chief architect of the Homework CD content, says, “We have gone out of our way to make these handouts easy to understand and follow for dog owners–the language is straightforward, the tone is friendly and light. For trainers, this means less time spent explaining without having to compromise on the scientific and technical soundness of the material.”

The CD is available at an introductory price of 0 until September 30, and at the standard price of 0 afterward (ships October 16).

For more information about The dogPRO Homework CD, visit

dogTEC is a full-service business and marketing consultancy. The company helps dog professionals set up, operate, and prosper in their chosen field, be that dog training, dog walking, pet sitting, dog day care, or dog boarding. They offer one-on-one business and marketing consulting, business tools and services tailored to dog pros, workshops, dog walking certification, and more.

All in the Family with Dog Trainer Bash Dibra

Thirty five years ago Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist Bash Dibra had just opened Fieldston Pets, offering dog training, pet supplies, grooming, and pet boarding.

One of the many calls he received after setting up his business was from Manhattan. The caller had just added two blessed events to her family, a Siberian Husky puppy named Tara and a 9lb. baby girl. Her request to Bash was “please help me train my puppy.” Bash made an appointment and began the dog training sessions. As she tells it, Bash not only trained the puppy, but fed her baby girl a bottle and changed her diaper. Bash says he doesn’t remember the baby part!

Thirty-five years have passed and the other day he received a call from the same woman who called him 35 years ago, telling Bash her daughter just became the proud owner of a new puppy and would be calling him to set up training lessons for her dog.

The daughter called the next day and reminded Bash that along with training her mother’s puppy he had fed her and changed her diaper (which Bash still does not remember.) Now she has added a brand new Pit Bull type (mixed breed) puppy to her family, and wants Bash to help her train it.

During the 35 years since Bash opened Fieldston Pets in Riverdale, NY, he has trained thousands of dogs including ones owned by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Basinger, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwin.

He’s also a renowned author of six books and a video, “Teach Your Dog to Behave; Dog Training By Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak; Your Dream Dog: A Guide to choosing the right breed for you’ ,” StarPet, “How to Make Your Pet A Star,” and a video and DVD “Teach your dog to behave” He’s now busy working on two children’s books for dogs and cats, CatSpeak for Kids and DogSpeak for kids.

Bash’s clients are located all over the tri-state area. And if you don’t live in his “neighborhood,” his books will teach you how to train your dog at home. They are available at book stores and pet stores around the country and you can also order a specially autographed copy from his website at

Why The Orca Ate The Trainer?

Why did the orca eat the trainer? Because cookie training or clicker training kills. Animals trained with clicker training know lots of tricks but do not have any respect for people.