The real trouble with trying to keep up with two puppies is that since they have each other, they do not need you. Training is a nightmare-since they are bonded to each other but not you. If you try to separate them , they bark and howl for  hours. Even if you cover yourself in roast beef the puppies ignore you. So what can you do to get things back on track and have the puppy dog of your dreams?


The underlying problem is that the puppies have bonded to each other and not to you. You left them alone together while you were away, working for 6 to 10 hours  and then never separated them when you got home (because you felt guilty). So now their primary bond is with each other and not you or other members of your family.

Here are some basic tips for helping your puppies bond with humans and not with each other:

1. The pups should sleep apart, each in their own kennel.

2. Then, they should sleep in separate rooms but still in their crate.

3. Take them to separate puppy classes.

4. Name each puppy a very distinct name from the other, names that rhyme create confusion in the dogs mind.



Chicago Dog Training

Chicago Dog Training, Dog Training in Chicago



It is important to understand that the skill of house training your dog  cannot be effective until your Chicago puppy is at least sixteen weeks old.   The Chicago Dog Trainer, says, “A dog does not have any control over his bowel and bladder muscles until this age.”  

If on the other hand, your dog is an older puppy (more than five months of age) or an adult dog, you have about thirty days to assist your dog in mastering these important foundation dog training skills before these accidents become habits.


Aggressive Chicago Dogs: Why Do Dogs Bite

Aggressive Dogs in Chicago Can Be Rehabbed

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Many times a dog’s aggression such as jumping, barking or biting is seen as the result of “instinct” or “bad breeding”.    “Well,” says Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “When people blame their dog’s aggressive behavior on the dog’s instinct or past I know that the owner has given up on the dog emotionally. In my opinion aggressiveness is a personality trait that can be modified by balancing the dog and the humans.”

Aggressiveness does not appear by magic. The development of aggression is a complicated process in which several factors are involved such as: the home, the attitude of the owner and the energy level of the dog. The actions and reactions of other people and other dogs to the dog’s aggressive communication style reinforce a dog’s aggressive nature.  Just as it takes two to tango it takes two to tangle, dogs can’t be aggressive when the are alone. Aggression always needs another player on the stage.

Aggressive dogs are rarely cool, calm collected dogs in terms of their personality. In most cases, dogs that express aggressive behavior tend to fall into the nervous, anxious, fearful and hyper personality category.  These dogs tend to bite in highly specific situations so much so that the owners can click off each and every situation in which their dog would bite.

Chinese Crested


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Getting Ready for Halloween

We are getting ready for the holidays. Halloween is the holiday that my dogs love the best.  We are trying on costumes to figure out our themes.  Here is one cute Halloween costume of my Toy Rat Terrier and her favorite pumpkins.

Do you have a cute Halloween picture of your dog? Why not post it here!


The Bolognese, a beautiful, graceful, and charming animal was valued greatly among the nobility during the eleventh and twelfth century.  Although it is very friendly the Bolognese dogs can be a little reserved around strangers, which is an admirable trait for a dog that live in a big city like Chicago. They are a very small type of dog breed and grow to be 10-12 inches, and weighs any were from 5.5-9 pounds. These dogs have a white coat with loose open ringlets, which does not require clipping or trimming.


Since the Bolognese is not a hyperactive dog breed, it does not require constant supervision and is ideal for small living spaces. Temperamentally, this dog does not require strenuous daily exercise, and it’s mostly kept indoors, for cold climate areas like Chicago its long coat protects it from the low temperatures and high winds. It is recommended to most families in Chicago and other places, as a great watch dog. It follows its owner like a shadow, and alerts instantly of unexpected changes. The dog is a great guardian and lover of all people.


For the busy urban professional in downtown Chicago without a large backyard or maybe living in an apartment, the Bolognese is a perfect companion. The fact that the dog can get the majority of its exercise inside makes it perfect for life in a Chicago Loop environment. This does not, however, mean that the dog needs to be locked away and kept isolated. Its small size and love of people make it the perfect companion to take with you when you are out and about-Starbucks, Panera or Cosi. The recent celebrity trend of taking a small dog with them wherever they go has helped to win acceptance of dogs in many places they were previously banned.



Bichon Frise

With all the outdoor activities available in Chicago, the Bichon Frise may be the perfect dog for those living in the windy city with a little room. The dog is described as happy and well tempered. The dogs have an intelligent, inquisitive look and make wonderful companions.

This companion dog, the Bichon requires regular exercise and grooming-even though it is a small dog. Because this dog breed does not shed, it is a good match for allergy sufferers and fastidious Chicago homeowners who will not be affected by heavy shedding. The downside to the no shedding is that the dogs must be regularly groomed to prevent matting and tangles. The Bichon Frise is an energetic breed of dog and is therefore a good companion for an active owner who likes to exercise.

Chicago families with small, active children will also find these dogs to be more than acceptable companions. They are friendly and playful and make wonderful pets for the children. They also like to run through the small urban backyards common in Chicago with the children and because of their small size this is often adequate exercise for the dogs.

If you live in a small apartment in Chicago this may not be the dog for you unless you enjoy daily exercise outside the apartment the dog can participate in. While the Bichon is a great companion for anyone especially if you live in a big city like Chicago, it does have certain requirements that must be met on a daily basis. This dog would also be a poor choice for an owner with limited mobility unless the owner can provide some way for the dog to get daily exercise such as a dog walker or dog day care.



Living in an small apartment in a great big city like Chicago but long for a companion dog? The Affenpinscher is your best bet! These little dogs are intelligent, playful but fiercely loyal pups whose needs can be easily met in a big city—like Chicago.

Affenpinschers as a dog breed, trace their origins back to 17th century Germany. They are a toy breed, often likened to terriers. This dog breed came much before the Brussels Griffon. Affenpinschers are often called monkey dogs (affe in German is ape) quite possibly because of their antics and their fearless curiosity in exploring things and places! Small built (9- 12 inches), these dogs were originally bred as ratters or mice hunters. The average litter size is 2 pups and the normal lifespan is about 12 years.

These dogs have a moderate tolerance to heat and cold-for Chicago they will need coats during the winter. For their size, these dogs need a lot of exercise – walks or a game in the backyard of your home in Chicago every single day. Common colors of Affenspinschers in the Chicago are silver, black, gray, tan, red and beige. Affens, as these dogs are often referred to, are usually friendly, curious, independent, fearless against other aggressive animals and fiercely loyal and protective of their owners.

This dog can, at times be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. The Affenpinscher’s loud, fierce bark can, at times provoke an attack from larger dogs. He may not be the ideal dog choice if you have other pets from the rodent family (hamsters, hedgehogs) as his ratter’s instincts run deep. Though each dog has his own personality, Affens generally tend to be a little possessive of their toys and may not be ideal pets if you have very small children. Their slight build also makes them susceptible to injury from children stepping on them, sitting on them or dropping them. They will also attempt to dominate weak or passive owners and while they are small, they may be too much dog for elderly dog lovers.

Sturdy little independent dogs, Affenpinschers make ideal travel companions for sophisticated Chicago citizens. This dog breed craves human affection and they are quite sociable. The social nature of the Affenpinschers are a babe-magnet, making them the perfect choice if you are a young urban professional in Chicago’s West Loop or River North area. Taking them out to the local coffee shop or bakery in one of the Chicago neighborhoods as pups, letting them get used to new places and new people makes it easy for them to deal with their territorial instincts and makes them lively and mannerly urban companions.