Hi Ami,


How is everything going?  I have been waiting to contact you until the weather was getting nicer as our next session will be outside.  If you have any openings for the latter part of April on a Saturday that will be perfect.

I had tried to post a picture on your facebook page of Momo & Yuko waiting patiently for their food, but I kept getting an error.  Here’s the pic:


That’s steak and eggs in the bowls, a delectable treat that they are waiting to be allowed to eat.  Feeding time used to be a free for all with the dogs jumping on us and almost knocking us over when we put the bowls down.  Not any more, thanks to you.


Also, I wanted to let you know that we took the dogs over to visit our extended family on Easter (lots of people).  Our dogs are used to my mother’s large dog, but my sister was there with her young, very big dog.  We thought there might be some growling/aggression issues, so we brought a couple bottle bombs with us – just in case.  We kept our dogs on their leashes sitting next to me, and they were very good — one of my sisters even commented that they were very well behaved.  The young aggressive dog growled a few times & I would shake the bottle & growling would cease.  The dog kept her distance.  It was nice to be able to take our dogs somewhere that they didn’t act like fools.


Please let us know when we can get together next.


Aggressive Chicago Dogs: Why Do Dogs Bite

Aggressive Dogs in Chicago Can Be Rehabbed

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Many times a dog’s aggression such as jumping, barking or biting is seen as the result of “instinct” or “bad breeding”.    “Well,” says Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “When people blame their dog’s aggressive behavior on the dog’s instinct or past I know that the owner has given up on the dog emotionally. In my opinion aggressiveness is a personality trait that can be modified by balancing the dog and the humans.”

Aggressiveness does not appear by magic. The development of aggression is a complicated process in which several factors are involved such as: the home, the attitude of the owner and the energy level of the dog. The actions and reactions of other people and other dogs to the dog’s aggressive communication style reinforce a dog’s aggressive nature.  Just as it takes two to tango it takes two to tangle, dogs can’t be aggressive when the are alone. Aggression always needs another player on the stage.

Aggressive dogs are rarely cool, calm collected dogs in terms of their personality. In most cases, dogs that express aggressive behavior tend to fall into the nervous, anxious, fearful and hyper personality category.  These dogs tend to bite in highly specific situations so much so that the owners can click off each and every situation in which their dog would bite.

Chicago Dog Training: The Aggressive Dog

“Rehabilitating aggressive dogs is very difficult but it can be done. It can be done in your home as long as you can create an environment that reduces your dog’s stress”, says The Memphis Dog Coach. Here are three important points to creating the boot camp experience in your home.

• Your dog needs to live on your terms in your home.

From this point on, your dog needs to live in your home on your human terms, not his dog terms. Don’t think of this as taking anything away, instead think of this as adding good manners to  your dog.

• Create a “chicago dog boot camp” environment for your dog in your home.

When people go into alcohol or drug rehabilitation settings  for inappropriate behavior, they temporarily lose certain privileges. This is not done to punish them or to cause them pain, but to create a more simple, structured existence so they can devote time and energy to healing. This strategy works for aggressive dogs as well.

• Redefine  “affection” for and with your dog

Dogs don’t hug and kiss each other. Dog affection is created via movement and games. So while your dog is in boot camp, when you  have the urge to hug or kiss your dog–go on a walk!

Chicago Dog Boot Camp Rehab

Ami Taught Us To Think Like Our Dog

A very happy client of Ami Moore The Memphis Dog Coach. Ami Moore, CMT, CMVT, COTA will help you train your dog to the highest level possible

Rosie The Rough and Tumble Lab-Updates

I have a great progress report for Rosie, the dominant chocolate labrador.  🙂

I am still have a little trouble with getting a prong collar and leash on Rosie though I have found a way of backing her into a corner so she can’t move and then she calms down so I can put the collar and leash on.  This is probably not the long term solution so we need more work on this.    I have not had anyone over yet so we have not worked on her behavior when people come over.

I am doing better too.  I am more calm and less stressed.  We are adapting to new routines and behaviors.

  • She is sleeping in her crate at night and only wakes up once or twice during the night with a small whine.
  • I can say quiet once from another room and she is quiet.
  • She has not barked in the crate since Ami left last Monday.
  • And she sits now in the crate and waits until I open the door.  Sometimes she forgets but I remind her by closing the crate door so she must sit every time before she can leave the crate.
  • She also is not jumping on the furniture much now and she knows she is not supposed to be on the couch especially when I am on the couch.  I have both my dogs laying on the floor in front of me now when I watch TV and this makes me calmer and relaxed and the dogs are not unhappy either.
  • We also worked on dogs waiting to go through door until I invite them or I go through first.  Rosie is very good with this action as well.  I continue to reinforce all these things daily though since we are not perfect yet.
  • Rosie finally will take the tennis ball in her mouth with the command take and lets it go with give.  She learned it but she didn’t want to do it right away.  But she did it for me several times yesterday.

Thank you,

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Rapid Rover Rehab Consult-Happy Client And Happy Hound

The Memphis Dog Coach restores harmony to your home. Your dog will go form naughty to nice in two hours or less. This dog behavior expert helps loving dog owners in america, canada, south american, australia and europe restore harmony to their home.

There are no bad dogs just loving dog owners without enough of the right information.