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Chicago Dog Training, Dog Training in Chicago


Bring both puppies to training classes, but make sure that they are each in a separate class. Practice the homework separately until each puppy knows her lessons well. Then bring both puppies together to practice.

It is important to teach them to pay attention to you even when they are in each others presence. The pups will earn their names faster if you use each name  when you interact with each puppy.

You should always say your puppies name in a happy voice combined with touch and lastly a treat. The sequence is this: Name + Touch + Treat.  You want to use the puppies names when training, when praising, when giving meals or teaching a new trick.

Rapid Rover Rehab Consult-Happy Client And Happy Hound

The Memphis Dog Coach restores harmony to your home. Your dog will go form naughty to nice in two hours or less. This dog behavior expert helps loving dog owners in america, canada, south american, australia and europe restore harmony to their home.

There are no bad dogs just loving dog owners without enough of the right information.

Big Dog Obedience Training And Rehab

Big dogs are special and need special handling. Ami moore the chicago dog coach keeps her promise to restore and rehabilitate your big dog.

Five Chicago Dogs Gone Good!

A great testimonial from a loving dog mom and her five fantastic Chicago puppy dogs. Rehabilitated in one Rapid Rover Session at her home. No more barking, jumping or dog aggression.