Testimonial: Hanging Out At The Ritz

Chicago Dog Training Testimonial:

We are hanging out at the ritz Carlton in half moon bay, CA with Roka and just talked about how there is no way he would sit here this still, without a leash and be this well behaved without his training with youphoto!

Thank you Ami!!

Chicago Dog Training: The Aggressive Dog

“Rehabilitating aggressive dogs is very difficult but it can be done. It can be done in your home as long as you can create an environment that reduces your dog’s stress”, says The Memphis Dog Coach. Here are three important points to creating the boot camp experience in your home.

• Your dog needs to live on your terms in your home.

From this point on, your dog needs to live in your home on your human terms, not his dog terms. Don’t think of this as taking anything away, instead think of this as adding good manners to  your dog.

• Create a “chicago dog boot camp” environment for your dog in your home.

When people go into alcohol or drug rehabilitation settings  for inappropriate behavior, they temporarily lose certain privileges. This is not done to punish them or to cause them pain, but to create a more simple, structured existence so they can devote time and energy to healing. This strategy works for aggressive dogs as well.

• Redefine  “affection” for and with your dog

Dogs don’t hug and kiss each other. Dog affection is created via movement and games. So while your dog is in boot camp, when you  have the urge to hug or kiss your dog–go on a walk!

Chicago Dog Boot Camp Rehab

Dog Aggressive Chicago Dog Gets Rehab

This is the story of a very small but very powerful dog. This is a dog that had gone to three different dog training boot camps and despite the best efforts of the trainers, Nanook was aggressive to people, the dogs in the home and even his owner. Nanook is so aggressive that his owner has not been able to ever hug him. That is all changed due to the Dog Training Chicago, an expert in aggressive dog rehabilitation.

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