The real trouble with trying to keep up with two puppies is that since they have each other, they do not need you. Training is a nightmare-since they are bonded to each other but not you. If you try to separate them , they bark and howl for  hours. Even if you cover yourself in roast beef the puppies ignore you. So what can you do to get things back on track and have the puppy dog of your dreams?


The underlying problem is that the puppies have bonded to each other and not to you. You left them alone together while you were away, working for 6 to 10 hours  and then never separated them when you got home (because you felt guilty). So now their primary bond is with each other and not you or other members of your family.

Here are some basic tips for helping your puppies bond with humans and not with each other:

1. The pups should sleep apart, each in their own kennel.

2. Then, they should sleep in separate rooms but still in their crate.

3. Take them to separate puppy classes.

4. Name each puppy a very distinct name from the other, names that rhyme create confusion in the dogs mind.



Ami Moore Dog Trainer

Ami Moore Says Take Care of Your Dog at Christmas


Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach advises her friends and clients to keep their dogs safe during Christmas by making sure that their dogs do not eat items that could cause your dog to be ill.

Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas can be toxic to dogs in very small does. This seems to be something to do with the “bloom” to be found on the surface of the fruit but the exact compound has not been discovered yet.  What is known however is that the effects are not dose dependent.

This means that while some dogs are know to have consumed large amounts of grapes to no ill effect for others it has only taken a handful of grapes or raisins to cause fatal acute kidney failure. 

Some dogs exhibit no effects but others can develop kidney failure after a few raisins. The mechanism of action is unknown, but dogs may start with vomiting and diarrharea, and then develop renal failure 24-72 hours later. If you suspect your dog may have consumed even a small quantity of raisins  please call your vet.



Hi Ami,


How is everything going?  I have been waiting to contact you until the weather was getting nicer as our next session will be outside.  If you have any openings for the latter part of April on a Saturday that will be perfect.

I had tried to post a picture on your facebook page of Momo & Yuko waiting patiently for their food, but I kept getting an error.  Here’s the pic:


That’s steak and eggs in the bowls, a delectable treat that they are waiting to be allowed to eat.  Feeding time used to be a free for all with the dogs jumping on us and almost knocking us over when we put the bowls down.  Not any more, thanks to you.


Also, I wanted to let you know that we took the dogs over to visit our extended family on Easter (lots of people).  Our dogs are used to my mother’s large dog, but my sister was there with her young, very big dog.  We thought there might be some growling/aggression issues, so we brought a couple bottle bombs with us – just in case.  We kept our dogs on their leashes sitting next to me, and they were very good — one of my sisters even commented that they were very well behaved.  The young aggressive dog growled a few times & I would shake the bottle & growling would cease.  The dog kept her distance.  It was nice to be able to take our dogs somewhere that they didn’t act like fools.


Please let us know when we can get together next.


Normal Communication-Biting Dogs


Chicago Dog Whisperer

Chicago Dog Training With Ami The Dog Whisperer


Biting is Normal Dog Communication

Dogs use biting as part of their normal communication system. Dogs bite when they are approached, handled, touched, grabbed, hugged, kissed, restrained, surprised, when startled, when grumpy, when they feel shy or hurt; when protecting food, toys or space, cars houes, yards, crates, offspring, owners, when hyper, when playful and when aroused.

The three main reasons that dogs bite are:

1. The dog lacks confidence and feels that it must bite to protect its life,

2. The dog is over confident and knows that it must bite to maintain order,

3. The dog bites because it likes having a hobby, biting for this dog is fun and this dog uses biting to its own social advantage.  If you have a biting dogs into what section does your dog belong?














Does Your Dog Love You More Than Another Dog?

“Based upon the research that I have seen”, states Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “even when dogs are sheltered for a long period of time they can create new and more balanced bonds in a new home if the human is calm, dominant and structured.”  I advise my Chicago dog training clients to create a very structured environment for the first 30 days of a shelter or rescue dogs residence in their home so that they can easily comfort the dog if she experiences stress.

“If we are to draw any comparison between dogs and wolves based on this research, it would be to note that dogs, like wolves, do have territories, at least in the sense that they feel most comfortable when they are in familiar places. We know that in the wild, wolves can move to new places without any rise in their stress levels, as long as they are in the company of members of their pack. The same is true of dogs, however it appears that the most significant pack member is likely to be a human (usually the dog’s owner) and not another individual of its own species. For most dogs their owner has been a constant feature in their lives since they were puppies. It appears that we not only bred dogs to accept dogs and humans as relevant social partners, but to view humans as being more significant socially than other canines.I”


Is Your Dog Suffering from Dry Skin This Chicago Winter

Dogs experience discomfort  every winter because of the dryness of their fur and skin. The cold, dry air of winter can give your dog flaky, rough, painful skin. This in turn can lead to everything from a  coat full of dandruff to  obsessive scratching and even hot spots or skin lesions. These types of constant pain can increase your dog’s aggressive nature.

Your dog doesn’t have to suffer just because of the cold, dry winter weather. Stop winter skin and coat problems in its tracks by taking some time to prepare your dog’s body for the season. Today I’d like to share some dog friendly tips that can help alleviate these symptoms.

The major factor in irritated dog skin is dry winter air. As soon as temperatures start dropping, a humidifier  in your home can help prevent symptoms that lead to dry skin.  The next thing to do is to make sure that your dog has access to fish oil tablets that will help heal skin from the inside.


Dog Aggressive Chicago Dog Gets Rehab

This is the story of a very small but very powerful dog. This is a dog that had gone to three different dog training boot camps and despite the best efforts of the trainers, Nanook was aggressive to people, the dogs in the home and even his owner. Nanook is so aggressive that his owner has not been able to ever hug him. That is all changed due to the Dog Training Chicago, an expert in aggressive dog rehabilitation.

Chicago Canine Flu: The Dog Flu Strikes

Flu Season For Chicago Dogs

Chicago Dog Training in The Flu Season











Similarly, our pet dogs in Chicago are exposed to a variety of infectious organisms, including the Influenza virus, from both people and other pets.   You may ask yourself can my dog catch my human flu?   No, your dog can’t get human flu but he/she can get canine flu. It is relatively uncommon for dogs to contract viral or other infectious organisms from humans.

“Dogs can be infected with Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) or Canine Parainfluenza Virus (CPV), for which vaccinations are available,”  states Ami Moore Chicago’s Dog Behaviorist.

Places where dogs are contained in close quarters (kennels, dog day care, dog parks, dog beaches, boarding facilities, hospitals, etc.) are capable of becoming “hot zones” for the spread of dog flu.

Juvenile, geriatric, and dogs having compromised immune systems are more prone to contracting the Canine Flu. Chicago dogs suffering from cancer or immune mediated (i.e. autoimmune) diseases will not be able to fight off infection as well as a dog with a healthy immune system.

Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer states, “If your cat or dog shows clinical signs of a respiratory tract illness  such as  a cough, sneeze, nasal discharge, immediately schedule an examination with your vet.  If your dog shows signs of dog flu-like symptoms the faster that you get your dog to the vet the better.”