Chicago Dog Training: The Aggressive Dog

“Rehabilitating aggressive dogs is very difficult but it can be done. It can be done in your home as long as you can create an environment that reduces your dog’s stress”, says The Memphis Dog Coach. Here are three important points to creating the boot camp experience in your home.

• Your dog needs to live on your terms in your home.

From this point on, your dog needs to live in your home on your human terms, not his dog terms. Don’t think of this as taking anything away, instead think of this as adding good manners to  your dog.

• Create a “chicago dog boot camp” environment for your dog in your home.

When people go into alcohol or drug rehabilitation settings  for inappropriate behavior, they temporarily lose certain privileges. This is not done to punish them or to cause them pain, but to create a more simple, structured existence so they can devote time and energy to healing. This strategy works for aggressive dogs as well.

• Redefine  “affection” for and with your dog

Dogs don’t hug and kiss each other. Dog affection is created via movement and games. So while your dog is in boot camp, when you  have the urge to hug or kiss your dog–go on a walk!

Chicago Dog Boot Camp Rehab

Is Your Dog Psychic?

Ami, The Memphis Dog Coach, says, “I think that when dogs are closely connected with you that they can closely anticipate your needs.”   This is born out in a study based in England. “The BBC report cuts to a piece about Rupert Sheldrake and his research with a dog named ‘Jaytee’. Several experiments were done with Jaytee in the early 1990′s. The dogs owner, Pam, would go out, and then at a random time, would travel home and the dog would seemingly know when Pam was on her way home and would wait at the window or door for her. This, it is claimed, suggests that the dog is somehow linked to its owner.”

As a professional Chicago dog trainer, I can share many stories of dogs that have exhibited paranormal abilities. Ami adds, “I think that this is a field that deserves more research.”

Stop Dog Aggression-Cold A Client Testimonial

Ami Moore will stop dog aggression in one session-it worked for us. All we had to do was believe that our dog was a dog, and that we were the leaders.

Dog Bites and Dog Aggression-It’s Not The Dog Stupid!

Memphis Dog Coach educates and entertains a crowd of dog lovers as she talks about dog aggression, dog bites and dog attacks. Ami Moore talks about key concepts from her book, “Alphatude Attitude Your Dog Wants You to Lead” and describes the value of Alphatude versus Losertude.

The Renegade Art Fair

Chicago’s 6th Annual RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR is almost here!! This year’s event the biggest yet, featuring 250 booths and over 300 artists! Come out September 13 + 14 to see these amazing talents from Noon – 10pm each day. We’ll be setting-up shop along Division St. between Damen & Hermitage in Wicker Park. Well mannered, non-aggressive dogs are welcome.

Each individual fair draws hundreds of applicants and tens of thousands of shoppers from all over the country and abroad! At the RCF you’ll find all sorts of cool handmade stuff ranging from comic books to craft kits, silk-screened posters to reconstructed clothing. This is a great opportunity to socialize your dog to the sights, sounds and people of a large city. People of every size, color, shape and width will be eager to play with your puppy.

RCF is one of the first events of its kind, having started out in Chicago’s Wicker Park in 2003 and spreading like wildfire ever since! The first fair was 1 day and featured 75 vendors from all over the country.  Today in 2008, each unique event features over 200 of the most talented craftsters nationally as well as from around the globe! Brooklyn’s event takes place at the historic McCarren Park Pool. Chicago’s September event sets up shop down the middle of Division St. from Damen – Wood.  The Holiday Sale is held at Pulaski Park in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

The Renegade Craft Fair is organized by Sue Daly, whose a crafter herself, and designs jewelry under the name Timber Handmade. The inspiration for RCF came when Sue took back up her childhood hobby after college, and had some success selling a few pieces. She wanted to take her hobby to the next level and started looking for local fairs to participate in. Surprisingly, no events were catering to the burgeoning DIY craft community so prevalent online – and often even rejected crafty applicants altogether. So, with a childhood friend, RCF was started and provided an exciting, fresh venue for artists and shoppers alike.

On May 21, 2007 , she got the keys to a cute little storefront on Division St. in Chicago, and just over 2 months later, the doors to Renegade Handmade were open for business! The shop is an extension of the craft fairs, and features the handmade work of over 100 craftsters.