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Dogs are not people. “That one statement,” says Ami  Moore the Memphis Dog Coach, “Is where I make a client a friend or lose a client.”

People want to love dogs as if they are people, but dogs are a separate species. You have to love them as a dog if you want them to have the best life possible. Where you try to love them as people you are demeaning dogs.



Chicago Dog Training: Raising Two Dogs At Once#3

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Preventing dog aggression by changing aggressive dog behavior

Two puppies together can be a very big problem. They tend to learn more slowly, they tend to have more potty training problems, and they tend to bond with each other more than with you. Many times one dog of the pair can become over dominant and the other over submissive, or the pair become over dependent on each other and can become frantic when left alone. Often if the puppies are similar in personality they can become fierce rivals as they get older and may have to be permanently separated; these dogs will often fight to the death if allowed to mingle. Ami The Memphis Dog Coach recommends that you wait for the first dog to reach 2 years of age and then consider adding a second dog.

Memphis Dog Coach Give Tips For A Safe and Sane Christmas for You and Your Dog

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When you have a Christmas Tree loaded with decorations many of which can harm your dog management and positive reinforcement are the first step in maintaining your dogs health. In terms of management the easiest method is to simple keep the dog away from the tree. Next you can use a technique called “tethering” where you use your dog’s leash to attach the dog to either a door or a person or a heavy piece of furniture so that your dog can’t reach the tree at all.

If you have more time and more interest in training, positive reinforcement is the next level. Your  job would be to teach the dog the right thing to do.  Here are some ideas:

  • First teach the dog “Leave It” and teach the dog to turn away from the tree when you ask,
  • Secondly, you can train the dog to lay on a pillow on command and stay there when in the same room as the tree.

I hope that these interventions give you some ideas on how to keep your dog safe around Christmas trees.








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Always show good leadership. Don’t let anyone pup become dominant. Allow them to establish a relationship but do not let one dominate the other. Never let puppies work out a relationship between themselves. Give each puppy equal time, attention and affection. To make sure the puppies respond to each family member equally, let everyone in the family feed, water and train the dogs.

Hopefully, you have chosen dog breeds that get along with each other, there are breeds that do not get along with other dogs. Ideally, if you get two puppies you want to have one of each sex; one male and one female. Picking two puppies that are the same sex can have serious consequences down the line as the puppies mature. Other tips and tricks are:

1. Make sure all valuable resources are under human control. Do not free feed, leave toys out or leave dog chewing toys lying around.

2. Take charge of all activities that create excitement such as walks, dinner time, sharing treats or playing with toys.

3. Teach your dog to wait patiently for goodies in a sit-stay or down-stay.

4. Remember all dogs are Zero’s and all humans are Ones— even human babies.

5. Make sure each dog will submit to subordination exercises such as the Alpha Roll, Grooming, Fetch and Stay.

6. Always pay attention to the calmest most submissive dog first. Always ignore the dominant, rude or bossy dog.


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Bring both puppies to training classes, but make sure that they are each in a separate class. Practice the homework separately until each puppy knows her lessons well. Then bring both puppies together to practice.

It is important to teach them to pay attention to you even when they are in each others presence. The pups will earn their names faster if you use each name  when you interact with each puppy.

You should always say your puppies name in a happy voice combined with touch and lastly a treat. The sequence is this: Name + Touch + Treat.  You want to use the puppies names when training, when praising, when giving meals or teaching a new trick.




The real trouble with trying to keep up with two puppies is that since they have each other, they do not need you. Training is a nightmare-since they are bonded to each other but not you. If you try to separate them , they bark and howl for  hours. Even if you cover yourself in roast beef the puppies ignore you. So what can you do to get things back on track and have the puppy dog of your dreams?


The underlying problem is that the puppies have bonded to each other and not to you. You left them alone together while you were away, working for 6 to 10 hours  and then never separated them when you got home (because you felt guilty). So now their primary bond is with each other and not you or other members of your family.

Here are some basic tips for helping your puppies bond with humans and not with each other:

1. The pups should sleep apart, each in their own kennel.

2. Then, they should sleep in separate rooms but still in their crate.

3. Take them to separate puppy classes.

4. Name each puppy a very distinct name from the other, names that rhyme create confusion in the dogs mind.



Ami Moore Dog Trainer

Ami Moore Says Take Care of Your Dog at Christmas


Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach advises her friends and clients to keep their dogs safe during Christmas by making sure that their dogs do not eat items that could cause your dog to be ill.

Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas can be toxic to dogs in very small does. This seems to be something to do with the “bloom” to be found on the surface of the fruit but the exact compound has not been discovered yet.  What is known however is that the effects are not dose dependent.

This means that while some dogs are know to have consumed large amounts of grapes to no ill effect for others it has only taken a handful of grapes or raisins to cause fatal acute kidney failure. 

Some dogs exhibit no effects but others can develop kidney failure after a few raisins. The mechanism of action is unknown, but dogs may start with vomiting and diarrharea, and then develop renal failure 24-72 hours later. If you suspect your dog may have consumed even a small quantity of raisins  please call your vet.



Shiba in Chicago

Happy Chicago Dog Training Shiba


National Hug Your Hound Day! The “unofficial” holiday (no time off work – sorry!) was founded 15

years ago by renowned Memphis Dog Coach Ami Moore , author of The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog

Wants You to Lead. Ami is interviewed on a Celebrate Your Dog on National Hug Your Hound Day! – Zuke’s – Healthy, Natural Dog Treats and Treats for Cats

The Memphis Dog Coach Says “Stop Taxing Dog Lovers For Having Dogs.”

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Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach, Strongly Urges Dog and Cat Owners to Avoid Licensing Their Pets In The United States

Moore, one of the nation’s top dog training experts believes it is urgent to discuss the topic of dog and cat licensing in America. Many dogs in the US go unlicensed. Ami Moore questions if that can create serious problems for both dogs and dog owners

[ Chicago IL – October 9, 2014 ]  A recent article on the KCRW website in Los Angeles addressed the problem of unlicensed dogs in the LA area. The professed benefits of licensing pet dogs and cats are to provide the means to reunite owners with lost pets, help curb disease and reduce stray pet populations. Ami Moore, a Chicago dog training expert widely known as ‘The Memphis Dog Coach’, believes this issue may be looked at in another way.

“I believe that mandatory licensing of dogs is an unfair tax on dog lovers. I do not believe that the government has the right to make you pay a tax for owning a dog or cat. Another occurrence that I see is that cities will make you pay an increased fee if your dog or cat is intact, yet current research shows that dogs that are left intact, the way Nature intended, live longer, are healthier and have greater resistance against cancer and glandular diseases,” says Ami the Memphis Dog Coach. “I think the government needs to stay out of my pocketbook and out of my dogs panties.”

“I am also against penalties for vets if the don’t release the names of dog owners and their dogs to governments. I believe that what happens between a vet and a dog owner is private and the medical professional cannot and should not be compelled to give lists of client’s names to the government.”

“I am sick of the current ‘Nanny-State’ mindset of our country where every act of personal freedom and pleasure is controlled and taxed. If people want to donate to shelter and rescues, then let them do that instead of paying a tax on their pet. I have not seen any evidence that licensing contributes in better health or welfare of either owned dogs or dogs in pounds or shelters.”

The Memphis Dog Coach, Ami Moore, CMT, CMVT is a leading expert in dog psychology. Her much acclaimed book, ‘The Alphatude Attitude’ was part of the curriculum at the Vancouver Island College Of Natural Wellness.

Dog Training Chicago: Are Dog Licenses A Tax on Love?

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Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach, says dog licenses are a unfair tax on people who own dogs.   In many areas there is a surcharge added if your dog is intact even though it has been proven that keeping your dog intact helps your dog lead a healthier life. In this press release Ami Moore the Memphis Dog Coach is quoted in a Major Los Angeles  publication