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Ami The Memphis Dog Coach says that dogs react to energy, not emotions.

Dogs follow the energy of the leader for good results or bad results.  Here is a excerpt from an interview from the Boston Globe:

Pet Guilt-Boston Globe Interview

Pet Guilt-Boston Globe



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Puppy proofing your condo or townhouse BEFORE you bring your puppy home will reduce the frustrations of puppyhood. Here are some simple guidelines for keeping your new puppy dog safe:


1. Always keep toilet lid down if you use toilet bowl cleaners. These cleaners are very alkaline and can be toxic for your dog to drink.

2. Keep cellar doors closed  as well as upper story windows, puppies and babies can fall down and hurt themselves.

3. Always dispose of chicken and turkey bones in a puppy proof manner, If your dog eats these bones they can puncture the stomach or intestines.

4. Puppies will swallow needle and thread if they are out, so be careful and always place your sewing behind closed doors.

5. Anti-freeze is very sweet tasting and completely lethal to dogs and children. If you spill this substance always clean it up before you allow your dogs in the area.




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It is important to understand that the skill of house training your dog  cannot be effective until your Chicago puppy is at least sixteen weeks old.   The Chicago Dog Trainer, says, “A dog does not have any control over his bowel and bladder muscles until this age.”  

If on the other hand, your dog is an older puppy (more than five months of age) or an adult dog, you have about thirty days to assist your dog in mastering these important foundation dog training skills before these accidents become habits.


Memphis Puppy Training: Chicago Dog Obedience Pulling On Leash

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Memphis Puppy Training With the Memphis Dog Coach


When you go on a walk with your dog you and your dog are on the same team.  It is the dog’s job to follow you closely; never too far ahead and never too far behind.

 You must teach your dog to turn when you turn, sit when you stop and relax quietly while you talk to your friends or have your coffee.


Chicago Dog Training: Training the Fearful Dog

534443_303238516412225_183608175_nDogs who act fearful, nervous and insecure around people and other dogs, were usually not socialized when they were young.

“Some dogs have a genetic component that causes them to be more reactive than other dogs.” says The Memphis Dog Coach.

Puppies that are removed from their litter before they were 8 weeks old never learned how to “be” around members of their own kind.

Without the guidance and imprinting  of their dam or mother, many times these pups often grow up to be fearful, nervous, adult dogs without proper social skills.

Because this damage occurs during a dog’s formative period which is birth to six months of age, it often takes a long time to resolve, but it can be done.

Be patient and mindful that your dog’s mental and emotional rehabilitation will be a process and  not a quick fix.


Are Protection Dogs Right For You?

Ami Moore Protection Dog

Ami Moore Says Why
Choose A Protective Dog?


Protective Dogs are great for families living in Chicago that need extra security says Ami Moore, the Memphis Dog Coach.  Any criminal, even those who say they aren’t afraid of dogs  will think twice about breaking into a house with a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard and the sounds of barking coming through the front door.

But you don’t need a Rottweiler or Doberman to add security to your home. A Yorkie isn’t very big or scary looking, but it barks and barks and barks and the last thing a burglar wants is something making noise while he’s trying to break in.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking about a protective dog as part of your  Chicago home security plan. Learning what types of protection dogs are out there is the first step in choosing the right one for you. There are three types of protective dogs that The Memphis Dog Coach recommends that her clients consider:

1. The Alert Dog

2. The Guard Dog

3. The Attack Dog.

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York man’s new-found independence thanks to hearing dog

10:34am Friday 29th November 2013

By Victoria Prest

A YORK man is enjoying new-found independence thanks to the support from Bielby-based Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Robin Mills’s hearing dog, Spirit, has been trained with help from First TransPennine Express which boosts the charity’s programme by providing free railway passes for dogs and their handlers.

The hearing dogs are taught to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals including alarm clocks, doorbells, smoke alarms and fire bells, and help their owners navigate public places. Getting used to public transport is a crucial part of their training.

First TransPennine Express got involved with the charity five years ago and annually donates travel passes so trainers can introduce dogs to trains with no cost to the charity, and help them travel across the North of England.

For Robin, having his hearing dog means he can now go out confidently on his own, and strangers can easily see he is deaf when he has Spirit in her assistance dog coat by his side.

Now the charity is appealing for more people to become puppy socialisers.

Rebekah Barr is head of training at the Beatrice Wright Centre in Bielby. She said: “Our hearing dogs are highly trained to change the life of a deaf person, as not only do they alert to important sounds, they also provide increased confidence and independence.

“We are always looking for new volunteers in the local area, so whether you socialise a puppy, provide one of our dogs in training with bed and breakfast or join in one of our fundraising events, your support is invaluable to the charity.”

Each puppy spends about 18 months in training – the first year with a volunteer socialiser and the final 18 weeks at the centre in Bielby learning the specialised skills they need.

The team needs people to act as “B&B” volunteers — which means busy families or working people can look after one of the trainee hearing dogs at home on weeknights and weekends, but drop the dogs off at the Bielby centre every morning.

For details visit or phone 01844 348100.


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Chicago Dog Danger Signs: Calming Signals

Ami, The Memphis Dog Coach says, “I wanted to share a picture with you showing classic calming signals that a dog gives when he is NOT comfortable with a person or situation.”

Please note all four signs in these pictures indicating that the dog is NOT enjoying this situation:
1. Licking the lips
2. Showing the whites of his eyes
3. Panting when not overheated
4. Turning his head away.



Dogs Your Dog Love Hugs?

Teaching a dog to love hugs is one of the best dog psychology habits that you can teach your new puppy dog. Besides potty training and dog obedience training, teaching your new dog to love hugs and kisses is of the a great importance.  Read even more at this article.

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