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Two puppies together can be a very big problem. They tend to learn more slowly, they tend to have more potty training problems, and they tend to bond with each other more than with you. Many times one dog of the pair can become over dominant and the other over submissive, or the pair become over dependent on each other and can become frantic when left alone. Often if the puppies are similar in personality they can become fierce rivals as they get older and may have to be permanently separated; these dogs will often fight to the death if allowed to mingle. Ami The Memphis Dog Coach recommends that you wait for the first dog to reach 2 years of age and then consider adding a second dog.


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Always show good leadership. Don’t let anyone pup become dominant. Allow them to establish a relationship but do not let one dominate the other. Never let puppies work out a relationship between themselves. Give each puppy equal time, attention and affection. To make sure the puppies respond to each family member equally, let everyone in the family feed, water and train the dogs.

Hopefully, you have chosen dog breeds that get along with each other, there are breeds that do not get along with other dogs. Ideally, if you get two puppies you want to have one of each sex; one male and one female. Picking two puppies that are the same sex can have serious consequences down the line as the puppies mature. Other tips and tricks are:

1. Make sure all valuable resources are under human control. Do not free feed, leave toys out or leave dog chewing toys lying around.

2. Take charge of all activities that create excitement such as walks, dinner time, sharing treats or playing with toys.

3. Teach your dog to wait patiently for goodies in a sit-stay or down-stay.

4. Remember all dogs are Zero’s and all humans are Ones— even human babies.

5. Make sure each dog will submit to subordination exercises such as the Alpha Roll, Grooming, Fetch and Stay.

6. Always pay attention to the calmest most submissive dog first. Always ignore the dominant, rude or bossy dog.


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