Staying Centered With Horses-But It Works Well With Dogs

A great article on staying centered with horses, a concept that works just as well for dogs, I just call it Alphatude!

Ami Moore

“The core of our program involves the concept of being centered. Beginning with a simple exercise I call The Wheel, we move the horses around a small square arena in a circle. In the center of the circle is a marker (hula hoop, cone, etc) and the task of the person is to move the horse in a circle, staying between the center and the horse. More attention must be given to one’s own position than to the horse, but if this is done well the horse will stay on the circle. The idea is that we are able to positively influence others by staying aware of our own center, and holding that position.

I take this illustration of being centered and staying in position and apply it to all scenarios. If something doesn’t go as desired with the horse, it is usually because we have not stayed in position. This takes the energy away from blaming the horse, and puts it on perfecting ourselves.

The “center” may not be a hula hoop, it may be our inner peace and happiness, it may be our position while leading the horse, or our centered position in the saddle. It becomes a challenge to “stay in position and stay centered.”

Staying centered in human relationships may mean staying calm and patient, sticking to principles (peer pressure), not backing down or being “wishy washy” (establishing consistent guidelines as parents), and ALWAYS putting the energy on perfecting yourself amid life’s challenges, rather than blaming external factors. I think applying these principles to human relationships is a big challenge, but if both parties are aware and trying, I believe it works.”

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