Show Line German Shepherd Import: CCK9′s Newest Dog ICE

It is very rare that we here at CCK9 even consider purchasing confirmation Dogs. Most confirmation (Show Line) German Shepherd dogs are too weak in their nerves, walk on there hocks, and would be cripple after a 2 to 4 hours of man scent tracking in the deep woods. But there are exceptions….

Meet ICE! ICE is the exception, he is not only a German Shepherd import with very strong nerves, but he is very large, with a nice big head, lots of bone density, with great pigmentation. ICE is strikingly beautiful to look at, he is definitely a head turner when walking him down the street. ICE’s pedigree is very interesting, with his direct Father, who placed very high in 2010 BSZS in Nurenberg Germany.

In his Protection he come in fast and hard, with a nice firm grip, nothing will stop this dog in his track when working him during protection. ICE is also a very social dog, and you would not have problem taking him anywhere. Whether it be to the airport, shopping mall, or park, ICE can handle any environment. ICE lived in a house with five small children, and loves to go on bike rides.

This is a one in a million opportunity. ICE was definitely a phenomenal find.

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