The breed of dog that is referred to as the Shiba has an incredibly interesting history. A lot of people also refer to this breed as the Shiba Inu. Recent DNA research has revealed that they are one of the oldest breeds that are documented. The reports suggest that they may even date back to the 3rd century BC. When this breed was first bred it was primarily used as a hunting dog to help hunt small game such as rabbits and mice. In later years it was mainly used as a house pet and a companion all over the world from Japan to Chicago. The Cultural Properties Act of Japan, in 1936, declared this breed as a natural monument of Japan. They have not always had it so easy throughout history however. There was one point during World War 2 that they almost didn’t survive and almost became extinct. This was due to a number of things including a bombings and a post-war distemper epidemic. This is an amazing little bit of history that this breed has gone through. When this happened the breed as we know it today was basically bred from three main bloodlines. These bloodlines are knows as the Mino, Shinshu, and the San’in. They have come along way since then to make their way into Chicago pet stores. It was said that the first dog was brought into America in 1954 by an armed service family. It was not until 1979 that the first litter was recorded however. Considering that, they are a relatively new breed to the Americas.

There are many different looks to this breed and they all depend on the individual dog. This means it is highly unlikely that any two dog stores in Chicago will have the same looking Shiba. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many different breeders that bred different style of the breed. For example, in Japan there is a miniature size version of this breed. These dogs have strong double coats. Typically they have a very straight outer coat and an extremely soft, thick undercoat. They are also known to shed this coat around two times a year. There are many different colors that this breed produces including red, tan, black, sesame, and cream or grey undercoat. This most popular in Chicago tends to be the tan colored dogs. They also can be creamy white or pinto, however this is usually considered and undesirable color due to the fact that it is not commonly accepted in dog shows. The males are usually around 14-17 inches in height from the withers, while the females are generally smaller measuring in at around 13-17 inches. The weight of the male is typically 23 pounds, while, again, the females weigh in a little bit smaller at around 17 pounds.

The Shiba is not for everyone, but for the people in Chicago whose lifestyle suite the breeds they can make incredible companions. It is important to note that these dogs have a tendency to shed a lot and require, on minimum, bi-weekly brushing. Some people that live a busy Chicago lifestyle may not be able to spare this kind of time. If they are not brushed on a regular basis, the amount of hair that is shed can be a bit of a nightmare for trying to keep the house clean and clothes hair free.