Seperation Anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety

We offer two Dog Training Programs to rehabilitate dogs with Separation Anxiety. Our most popular dog training program is our Private Lesson Program; and our second option is our Chicago Dog Boot Camp Program where your dog lives with out trainers.

Separation Anxiety in dogs is the fear or dislike of isolation from people which often results in undesirable  destructive behavior.  Dogs that are from a shelter or rescue have a higher than normal incidence of separation anxiety in some cases as high as 80%.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common causes of dog behavioral problems.  About 50% of our calls are from concerned dog owners that are frustrated, angry and depressed about dealing with their dog’s anxiety disorder.

Dogs develop this disorder for one of two reasons; they are born with a genetic predisposition to become anxious or afraid when under stress, or the owner of the dog has made the dog neurotic by creating an emotional co-dependent relationship with the dog.

Separation anxiety may also  occur in dogs with an abnormal predisposition to dependency.  Traumatic events in a young dog’s life may also increase the likelihood of the development of very strong attachments.

These events include;

  • Early separation from the bitch
  • Deprivation of attachment early in life (puppies kept in pet shops or animal shelters)
  • A sudden change of environment (new home, stay at a kennel)
  • A change in owner’s life-style which results in a sudden end to constant contact with the animal
  • A long-term or permanent absence of a family member (divorce, death, child leaving home) or,
  • The addition of a new family member (baby, pet)

How Do We Fix It?

We have unique methods and techniques that we have collected from alternative healing traditions that will help you and  your dog overcome the psychological issues of Canine Separation Anxiety. We can help, please contact us now and we can help heal your hound.