The Samoyed dog has very rich history and a great reputation among breeders all over the world and especially in Chicago. The name comes from people that lived in Siberia named the Samoyedic people. There other names for this breed however. For instance, in Europe this breed is commonly referred to as the Bjelkier. They have had many jobs throughout history but are well known as reindeer herders. This is because nomadic reindeer herders were the ones that were thought to have originally bred them. Traditionally they were bred for many different purposes. For example, they were commonly used to help with herding as pull sleds. Some say that these dogs used to sleep with their owners, so that they could keep them warm and in certain instances, it was noted that these dogs even slept on top of them as well. They were also commonly referred to as the smiling dogs because their appearance gives the impression that they are smiling. All of these things make it quite obvious that throughout history they have made for great companion dogs.

The Samoyed has a very energetic personality and has been known to retain that well into their senior years. Due to that fact these dogs are also very well known for maintaining their youthful appearance for a long time as well, perhaps longer than a lot of other breeds. Since their history as mostly a working dog they have great stamina but they also have to get a lot of regular exercise. This may not be the ideal situation for someone leading a busy Chicago lifestyle. Without this daily dose of exercise that these dogs require they can become quite depressed. This can lead to many things including boredom, destruction of property, excessive barking, and weight gain. Some people that have this problem with their dogs report having their pet try to run away a lot. Their look is a lot like the American Eskimo dog. The males usually weigh in around 20 to 32.5 kg, while the females are generally smaller than that measuring in at around 17 to 25 kg. The females are generally a lot smaller than the males perhaps more so than other breeds. Their eyes are typically black and brown, any other color is considered undesirable to breeders and owners alike. Dogs of this breed that have blue eyes are very rare and typically not allowed in the show ring of shows that are run by kennel clubs. The eyes of these dogs are usually described to be almond shaped.

The Samoyed is an extremely active dog, so if you are considering this breed as your next pet there are a lot of responsibilities that come along with owning these dogs. This is important to note because a lot of people living in Chicago lead a very busy lifestyle and might not have the time necessary to give these dogs the attention that they desperately need. However, a lot of people in Chicago these days are still able to lead an outdoor lifestyle and might be well paired with this breed.