Red Light Dogs

Red Light dogs are suitable for experienced pet owner homes or for the dog professional. These are dogs that are extremely hyper, have strong genetic drives and instincts or have a strong genetic need to do their historic job. Some of the breeds are in this category due to either extensive health problems or well-known temperament issues that make them challenging for the average dog owner.

These are dogs that may be aggressive to strangers or unknown dogs; and these are dogs that may have an active predisposition to hunt game. Other types of  personalities that would be included in this grouping are dogs that are very fearful, nervous or anxious either from past experience or genetics. A great many adult shelter and rescue dogs fall into the Red Light category due to their personalities. In most cases, these dogs will require early and extensive obedience training combined with psychological domination exercises and environmental management in order to thrive into modern life.

This group of dogs will contain dog breeds that may be dominant, aggressive and extremely independent in nature. This group will also contain dogs that are exotic, rare, or are of unusual breed mixtures or crossed with wolves or coyotes. In general these dog breeds are suited for work that dovetails with their historical purpose. These dogs tend to be one person dogs or at best one family dogs. Breeds that can fit into this category are: fighting breeds, guard breeds, protection breeds, flock guardian breeds, herding breeds and the versatile hunting breeds.

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