Puppy Potty Training Camp

Puppy Potty Training

Memphis Puppy Potty Program

At the Memphis Dog Coach Dog Training Group we offer two types of housetraining programs for your dog.  If your puppy or dog is over 8 weeks of age and you’re still having housebreaking problems, consider our easy alternative.  Potty Camp  is a ten day program designed to begin the pattern of successful house training (the dog is taught to go outside for potty)  for dogs at our facility. During the program we will…

  • Customize a feeding and watering schedule for your dog
  • Establish a pattern and schedule of outdoor elimination
  • All positive methods involve no force and no punishments.
  • To walk nicely so you can enjoy your outdoor walks
  • Not to chew you or your possessions
  • Learn to enjoy being groomed
  • Teach your dog sit and come on-leash

With expertise and loving kindness, we return a dog to your home well on the way to complete house breaking. Finally, at your happy reunion, we’ll give you a 90 minute orientation to explain how to maintain and increase the potty training reliability and other skills we have started with your dog or puppy.  If you have questions after the program is completed… free follow ups and support are included at no additional fee.