Prudence, The Pitbull

I adopted a 4 month Pit Bull “lab-mix” from a local shelter that was rescued off the streets. I was told advised by my vet that this in fact was a pit bull. Having absolutely no idea about what a owning a pit bull meant, i was delighted to have this adorable pup in my life.

We went to a basic pup class at a community center and she was great. I thought that was all she needed. As she matured tho (2 -3 yrs old), some of her dominant characteristics and her prey drive came out. The problems began.

She was an escape artist – broke throught doors, even jumped through a plate glass window in pursuit of a couple of bunnies. She began to develop an edge about her – a look she would give to people and other dogs.

She was attacked by an off-leash golden retriever on a walk and in seconds she had the retriever, twice her size, down – fortunatly we stopped it before an injury. Several weeks later, she escaped, again, and after taking a few wacks with a stick from a neighbor, she bit the neighbor in the butt – fortunately, not breaking the skin.

Prudence spent 2 weeks in quarantine and was given her first strike. It was then I realized that i had a potentially serious dog on my hands and I needed to find a trainer who understood the breed and could help me turn her around. I called several trainers and they refused to work with Prudence or any pit-mix type dog. They told me to euthanize her. I was unwilling to give up on Prudence. I found Ami.

I enrolled in her basic obedience and then into the CGC course and before i knew it, Prudence was a totally different dog. She needed a job, she needed direction and she needed an owner who understood the characteristics of her breed.

Ami taught me about my responsibility in dog ownership, the necessity of taking time to teach my dog manners, boundaries, rewards for good behaviour, that I needed to make the commitment to her to work consistently with her and that i needed to respect the characteristics of her breed and work within that framework. Mission Acccomplished.

Thanks to Ami, Prudence graduated, received her CGC and went on to be a Therapy-Dog. visiting elderly people in assisted living and a nursing home. She is a wonderful dog and at 10 yrs old is retired now – she is wonderful with children and adults alike. She is a stay at home dog. She has raised a young male pit pup and is teaching him manners. My “DEAR PRUDENCE” has survived cancer twice and several leg operations (she still loves to chase squirrels in the yard).

We are most grateful to Ami for all her time and devotion to Prudence showing us how to work with her and enjoy all these years of happiness. And we brag about Ami all the time and tell folks, that we think Prudence is one of Ami’s favorite success stories.

Thanks Ami!
Prudence and we are soo grateful! T& G  and Prudence, the Pitbullx and Spencer, the Pitbullx

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