Dog Whisperer, Dog Trainer, Dog Behaviorist, Dog Aggression Specialist

Native American Medicine Woman,  Ami Moore, Phd.,  CADC,  CPAM, CMT, CMVT,  AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, author, an occupational therapist specializing in  mental health and trauma, an International Animal Chaplain, professional speaker, dog trainer and dog behaviorist, aggressive dog expert, expert witness, educator, therapist and coach has titled in dogs in obedience and agility and has trained dogs in the sports of tracking and herding. Her motto is, “I help dog owners find the perfect balance between affection and authority which equals Alphatude. Affection + Authority = Alphatude.”

Coach  Ami is a member of the DWAA (Dog Writer’s Association of America) and the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). She has trained Assistance and Service dogs for adults and children with a wide variety of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disabilities and is a member of SARA as a Service Animal Trainer.

Her first and true love is canine behavior modification and problem solving.   Ami Moore has pioneered the use of electric dog training equipment as positive reinforcement and combined this groundbreaking innovation with motivating dog’s natural drive to follow a strong leader.   She has called this system “The Moore Method“.

Ami Moore is so confident that her method can deliver results superior to any other dog training method or technique that she has issued  the one and only $100,000 Dog Training Challenge, a challenge that to this day has remained unchallenged by any other trainer or behaviorist in America.

Ami Moore has immersed herself in all aspects of helping people and rehabilitating dogs.  Ami understands that the health and welfare of the dog and the family have to be addressed on three levels: the physical, the mental and the emotional, if all three areas are not in balance-the dogs and the humans will continue to be frustrated and unhappy.

The Three Keys For A Healthy Dog

Ami has distilled her philosophy in her new book, Alphatude Attitude Your Dog Wants You to Lead.   Ami’s book has been reviewed by experts in many different fields who have found the book enlightening and entertaining.   Ami Moore’s education and training is designed to bring the greatest results in the shortest amount of time right to your front door,  Ami is indeed  the “Chicago Dog Whisperer.”

Ami Moore The Memphis Dog Coach


With her loyal staff , Ami Moore,  (CMT) Certified Master Trainer,  (CVMT) Certified Versatile Master Dog Trainer,  has helped more than 20,000 dog and their owners rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dog behaviors in America, Europe, South America, Canada and Mexico.

She has helped curbed dangerous, frustrating and challenging dog behaviors that range from jumping on house guests, destroying furniture, chewing through drywall, curing separation anxiety, rehabilitating dogs that are aggressive to people and dogs, helping dogs adjust to blended families or newborn babies.  Ami and her staff even help expectant mothers and fathers create a blissful relationship between the new baby and the dog with the cutting edge education program, “Canines and Kids“.

Ami’s techniques are based on the entire and complete science of Operant Conditioning as created by Dr. B. F. Skinner, a real proven scientific behavior modification technique.  Ami simplifies these complicated principles into easily understood lessons for dog owners and their dogs.  Ami has trained dogs for some of the most influential and famous business people, athletes and entertainers in America.

Ami has been showcased in major newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Pioneer Press.   Ami built her expertise through a combination of education and apprenticeships with some of the world’s most influential experts on dog and human relationships.

Ami’s background and education include teaching, coaching, counseling and therapy with an emphasis on stress and trauma rehabilitation using traditional and alternative techniques.  Ami has been awarded advanced degrees in Spiritual Healing, Alternative Health and Pastoral Counseling which give her the tools to tap into the energetic and emotional root of the dysfunctional relationship.

Ami has helped many on-profit organization created therapy dog and service dog programs, and was intimately involved in assisting the international charity, Lutheran Charities in creating their Canine Comfort Dog Program.

Ami has graduated from three separate and distinct dog training schools to insure that she comfortable with each and every dog training method.  Ami graduated from the internationally known Purdue University’s Dog Behavior Seminars, The National Institute of Dog Training, The Arizona Canine Academy for Service Dog Training, Bill and Marion-Breland Bailey 80 Hour Advanced Clicker Training Camps and Sit Means Sit Las Vegas Electric Collar Dog Training School.

Ami’s expertise in dog training has been acknowledge by the award of Chicagoland Tails Reader’s Choice Award for Best Private Training Class. Ami travels all over the world as a key note speaker and educator on the human-animal bond and it’s effect on human physical and mental health.  Ami has been a keynote speaker on dog behavior and aggressive dog rehabilitation for many Chicago-centered breed rescue clubs and rescue organizations.

In addition, Ami has taught classes at several local universities and adult education programs as well as offering dog behavior and communication seminars all over the world.  Ami has worked with many animal shelters and dog rescue groups assisting them in rehabilitating tough canine behavior cases.

BachAmi pushes herself to remain at the cutting edge of canine and human healing and education. Other seminars and educational camps that Ami has attended are as a means to create accelerated rehabilitation of dogs and their owners are:

Syn Alia Dog Training Seminars


In addition Coach Ami has stayed abreast of current trends in dog training by attending seminars of the following experts:

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Cesar Milan
  • Amy Ammen
  • Dr. Patricia McConnell
  • Susan Sternberg
  • John Rogerson
  • Roger Abrantes
  • Cheryl Bach
  • Karen Pryor
  • Wendy Volhard
  • Turid Rugass
  • The Late Dick Russell
  • Monty Roberts
  • Tom Lyons
  • Greg Kersten of the O.K. Corral Program