Memphis Dog Coach: Segment Topics

Popular Segment Topics delivered by Ami Moore “The Memphis Dog Coach”

  1. Why Breed Specific Legislation is Stupid
  2. Why Mandatory Spay and Neuter laws kill more dogs
  3. Why does cookie training encourage dogs to bully their owners
  4. Why is cookie training unable to cure aggression
  5. Why do so many dogs have separation anxiety
  6. What does your choice in dogs say about your personality
  7. What is Nature Deficit Disorder
  8. How can we turn the tide against the epidemic of dog attacks
  9. How can the community increase the publicʼs safety with dogs
  10. How can other cities copy what Chicago is doing to make the city dog friendly
  11. What is the best dog for a Christmas gift
  12. Should you buy a dog from a pet store
  13. Why do you encourage people to buy a dog from a breeder
  14. Why do so many clicker trainers hate Cesar Millan
  15. What is humane in dog training
  16. Some say positive reinforcement training is the best-what do you say
  17. How can Alphatude be used in other parts of your life
  18. Did Obama break his promise to America when he did not get a dog from a shelter
  19. Why do you encourage people to not get their dogs from a shelter
  20. How can we stop dog fighting and dog abuse
  21. What is a therapy dog
  22. What is a service dog
  23. How are they different
  24. Are dog vaccinations bad
  25. How can we help dogs with Separation Anxiety
  26. You say pity makes pain permanent, what