OTCRI at the Rhode Island Pet Show

The 17th Annual Rhode Island Pet Show & TICA Cat Show

Over 13,000 people attended the event over the weekend. Jim Ashton, OTCRI president, was responsible for getting 34 different breeds  and over 50 dogs and handlers to participate. Jim and Cailin were also responsible for organizing and presenting Obedience , Rally ,  Carting and Freestyle demos and the AKC “Meet the Breeds”.  Four AKC Judges participated in the presentation , 2 all breed kennel clubs , 1 AKC  obedience club, RI Kennel Club , Providence County Kennel Club and The Obedience Training Club of RI as the Host club. The events were very well received by the audience throughout the day. Many thanks to Jim and Cailin for their efforts to put on a great show representing the club.
The OTCRI booth was manned by board members, Pricilla Drury, Cathy Healy, Claudia Pimental, Cailin Monahan, Linda Patterson, and John Rock. Many show attendees who stopped by the OTCRI booth were impressed with the Clubs presentation. Many potential class participants were solicited for upcoming training sessions. Five new class participants were signed up at the show.
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