On DogTime.com: The Dog Trainer’s Trainer: TV’s Cesar Millan or Soft-Spoken Ian Dunbar

Chances are you’ve heard of Cesar Millan, Hollywood’s famous dog whisperer. Chances are you haven’t heard of Ian Dunbar, soft-spoken Northern California behaviorist. That, however, is about to change. And when it does, dogs and dog owners everywhere will be having a ball.

This week editors at http://www.dogtime.com , take a good look at the dramatic differences between the dog training techniques of Cesar Millan and Ian Dunbar. In recent years, Cesar Millan has taken the world by a storm, starring in TV’s popular Dog Whisperer. Millan’s philosophy? We, as humans, must act as dominant pack leaders; our dogs must behave as submissive followers.

Good TV, but who’s watching the dogs?

But even without a hit show, Ian Dunbar has been winning over dogs, dog owners, and dog trainers for years. Talk with the most respected names in the dog training world and you discover Dunbar’s impact is unparalleled.

“His contribution to this field is immeasurable,” says Patricia McConnell, author of The Other End of the Leash, co-host of NPR’s Calling All Pets, and founder of Dog’s Best Friend Training. “Ian Dunbar created an entirely new perspective about dog training.

Let’s not get physical

While Cesar Millan is credited with placing dog training on the public radar, the field’s most respected behaviorists and trainers look to Dunbar’s hands-off, reward-based approach which stands in stark contrast to Millan’s figurative chest-thumping and physical corrections. Perhaps not the stuff of Hollywood television, but watching Dunbar quietly train–without so much as wagging a finger–is riveting to anyone who has ever tried to teach their dog anything.

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