Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound has a very rich history and has played many roles throughout history. It is known to be one of the oldest of the ancient Northern Spitz breed. Its most important title is as the national dog of Norway. Now you can regularly see them walking with their owners about the streets of Chicago, however it wasn’t always that way. They used to serve as hunting dog and were known to make incredible hunting companions. They have also been known to be a guardian, defender, and herder or gather. The jobs that the Norwegian Elkhound excels at are not jobs that any old dog can do. For example, in their home land where there is freezing old temperatures, constant snowfall, and thick and rugged forests and mountains, it’s important to have a dog with the intelligence and strength to maneuver through these harsh conditions. Its spitz like courage most likely comes from the fact that these dogs were commonly used to hunt very large game including bears, and moose. Its roots stretch quite far back to when they were first presented at a dog show in Norway around 1877. The name for the breed is actually an exact translation from its original name from Norway. If you want to impress a breeder or dog owner in Chicago there is a little known fact about this breed that is quite commonly a trivia question between breeders. The fact is that the name in Norwegian actually means Moose, however the European settlers mistakenly called it an elk.

The breed that you know today as the Norwegian Elkhound and commonly see walking around the streets of Chicago is actually a little bit smaller than the original. The modern dogs of this breed are normally described as a medium sized dog. It has a very soft undercoat and a coarse and straight coat. The average height of this breed is typically around eighteen to twenty one inches from the withers. However, like most breeds, the females generally tend to be a little bit shorter and can be as short as 15 inches. The weight of this breed can vary but is usually around 45-60 pounds. Again, the females are generally a little bit smaller and this applies to the weight as well. They usually weigh in a little bit less than a male of the same size. The most common color of this breed is black and white however it is most commonly noted as a silver or grayish color.

The Norwegian Elkhound is known to be an outdoor dog. This means if you’re considering getting one of these dogs you’ll have to be prepared for the amount of outdoor time it requires. This may be a little problematic for people that are living the city life in Chicago. These dogs are best suited for people that lead a very active lifestyle. If you are willing to give the dog the type of attention it needs than it is a very quick learner and extremely intelligent. The dogs are also best suited for families with a big backyard and ideal for people that live in small Chicago apartments.