New Training Book Analyzes the Mind of a Dog

Offering up wisdom gained from years of experience, authors George and Karen Duet teach dog owners how to maintain authority in Dog Training 101: The Book You Need to Take Control.

In Dog Training 101, the authors introduce the concept that dogs mature through stages similar to those of human children. Using this theory as a guideline, owners can develop appropriate expectations for their dogs rather than expecting too much too soon. When the owner truly understands those stages of early development, it is much easier to take control and teach desirable behaviors.

From a distinctly canine point of view, the authors offer readers clear explanations as to why dogs behave in certain ways, emphasizing that spoiling and lack of supervision during the early phases of a dog’s life lead to problem behaviors as the dog grows older.

Unlike most dog training books, Dog Training 101 makes parallels between dogs and humans. In addition to making comparisons in development, the book also advocates educating dogs in the same manner as humans, which allows the owner to look ahead and chart a course to get their dog through each level of instruction. Comprehensive yet concise, Dog Training 101 is the quintessential guidebook for any dog owner.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the authors at Dog Training 101: The Book You Need to Take Control is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Authors

George and Karen Duet are the owners of Kingsden’s Kennels, K-9 Companions Dog Training, and K-9 Security & Detection Int’l LLC. The Duets are certified personal protection specialists and were given a lifetime achievement award from the internationally recognized security organization, Nine Lives Associates. They are also the authors of The Home & Family Protection Dog and The Business Security K-9. Karen Duet also co-wrote the Maxwell Award-nominated Advanced Schutzhund with Ivan Balabanov.

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