My Dog Jumps Fences

Dogs that jump fences or run through electric fences are a danger to themselves and the community. There are many who are under the mistaken assupmtion that neutering or spaying their dog will cure a dog of running away or jumping fences. The truth is that the only way to stop a dog from running away is to educate the dog. Dogs that jump fences, run through electric fences and dash through doors are dogs that are suffering from human laziness and ignorance.

Dogs that jump fences, dash through doors and otherwise challenge human rules are dogs that have not been gentled to civilized ways. The first step is prevention. This means that you have to construct a containment environment that is dog proof.

If allowed, a tall, solid fence, that is tightly secured is the best way to ensure your dog doesnt jump over the fence. You can place wire across the bottom foot or so of the fence so that your dog cannot crawl or dig through the bottom of the fence. If allowed by code, barbed wire on top of your fence will stop almost all dogs. Another option is to use electric farm wire-there are few dogs that will challenge a hot wire that is laid across the top of the solid fence.

You also need to make sure that you dog is not using stuff to boost himself over the top. Remove any garbage cans, tables or other objects that your dog can climb on and use  to get over the fence. A grill, a shed, a wheelbaroow or a stack of firewood might be enough to get him up and over so go over each inch of your fence and if you find any object that will get the dog closer to the top of your fence-move it.

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