More Funny Dogs


  1. sexyboy6100 says:

    first , second , third and last are best ha ha ha ha it makes me laugh crying see? :”)) XD

  2. sexyboy6100 says:

    and the first is same hahahahaha

  3. sexyboy6100 says:

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool the dog at the end was too funny lool

  4. geffen2010123 says:

    i love dogs!!!!!! thsi is vERY fUNNY dOGS real!

  5. oOoZOMBIEZoOo says:

    @DrDuckDockin its a welsh corgi

  6. oOoZOMBIEZoOo says:

    0:28 is adorable

  7. DrDuckDockin says:

    what kind of dog is that at 1:58?
    Sorry im not good with breeds :p

  8. i like dog at the end

  9. that was cute, histarical

  10. soccerXhockier18 says:

    this song completely describes my dogs life lolz

  11. deathstarlover says:

    call this video very cute dogs cuz they arent funnyz XP

  12. MrKiilsgaard says:

    TA da at 0:09

  13. cute

  14. cute………….

  15. 69BadjaoLonewolf69 says:

    0:52 gremlin

  16. hey check out my new funny dog dance video ,its the most funny video ever me

  17. 1:17 looks like a dog-o-lantern

  18. i’z luvs these oie lol lol lol

  19. fashiondoggie says:

    i think the little dog in the fanta bottle is so cruel its a real plastic one, how is he/she gunna get it off?

  20. i dont like dogs in clothes, i feel bad for them, dogs deserve to be dogs, tho i rofld so hard at these pics

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