Lily?s Lil Buddies Animal Care Services Persevere despite Tough Economy

Lillian Sowa, a devoted pet lover and highly skilled dog trainer, is not going to let the high unemployment rate get her down. Instead, the 24-year-old has taken the opportunity to turn her passion for animal care and pet sitting into a full-fledged career.

Sowa created Lily’s Lil Buddies in an attempt to help Spokane pet owners find inexpensive yet high quality and loving animal care services.

“I know there are a lot of pet owners in Spokane who are struggling financially, just like me,” Sowa said. “Lily’s Lil Buddies is an affordable solution for those that need a little extra help giving their pets the love and care that they need.”

Lily’s Lil Buddies’ pet sitting packages include daily visits, yard clean-up and long-term pet sitting options. Clients also can choose Lily’s Lil Buddies for dog training visits. Sowa recommends that pet owners begin the dog training process while the dog is young to keep it emotionally stable.

“My theory is that a bored pet is an unhappy pet,” Sowa said. “My clients and their pets are treated like part of our family, and like every family member deserves, a happy and well-adjusted lifestyle is key.”

Lily’s Lil Buddies focuses on a specialized method of positive reinforcement dog training that uses rewarding consequences to give dogs guidelines they can follow and doesn’t involve any form of punishment.

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