Launches: Providing A Simple Step By Step Dog Training System launches, providing a step by step dog training system using a simple but effective reward and reprimand method. offers a dog training toolkit for sale, loaded with effective dog training techniques. The toolkit covers subjects including the basics of training like teaching your dog self control, how to be positive about punishment, steps to obedience training, basics of rewarding your dog, preparing your dog for training, punishment tips and more. The toolkit also includes information on choosing a trainer or dog school, online dog training, house training and housebreaking, crate training, greeting visitors, separation anxiety, socializing your dog, controlling urination, fear of car rides, stopping play biting, training commands, when to say NO and much more. In addition, the toolkit includes many dog tricks like the counting dog trick, the focus on me trick, the hide trick, the spin trick, the shake trick, the go to your spot trick, the bow trick, the wave trick, the how to speak trick, a rollover trick, the sit up high trick, the basic sit trick, a jump rope trick, give your paw trick and more. also offers free dog treat recipes for visitors and buyers alike. Visitors need only enter their email address to receive a free and handy ebook download full of gourmet dog treat recipes you can make right at home. was launched in late 2007 with the goal of bringing an easy to follow, simple to implement dog training and obedience system to dog and puppy owners.

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