K9Training.info Debuts ? Featuring Dog Training Blog, Educational Content and Articles Designed to Seriously Educate Dog Owners

K9Training.info (http://www.k9training.info), the premier resource on dog training tips announced the debut of its website featuring a Dog Training Blog (http://www.k9training.info/blog/), training tips forum (http://www.k9training.info/forums/), focused articles, and dog training advice book.

The Blog allows provides an on going experience from real life dog owners. The author of the Blog, Leslie Ramey, is a full time Vet Tech, and also full time student. Through the Blog, she shares her experiences at the hospital, every day interactions with her own three dogs, and tips and advice that she finds useful.

The Training Tips Forum will also include extensive, third-party content, directed towards many different types of dog training topics. That includes easy access to how-to articles, step-by-step guides and checklists. It is also a place where dog owners can pose their questions to a number of other users as well as help other owners having problems with their pets.

K9Training.info’s assortment of dog training articles range from advice on particular breeds, from Boxer’s and Beagle’s to Rottweiler’s and Yorkshire Terrier’s as well as general advice on dog training equipment and dog training collars.

“Our mission is to deliver more information in a more organized way so dog owners can make smarter choices. Newly implemented resources like our Dog Training Blog, forums, and articles, are important strides in that direction,” Leslie Ramey said, “This is a great opportunity for an individual dog owner to share information with thousands of other dog owners on the state of the training their pets.”

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