K.N.P.V. PH 2 German Shepherd Gandhi: CCK9′s Newest Dog

We were very fortunate to be in a position to purchase Gandhi. After one year of negotiating we finally got a yes to purchase Gandhi.

Gandhi is a KNPV PH 1 & PH 2 German Shepherd import from Holland. Gandhi earned his coveted KNPV PH 2 degree in July of this year with a near perfect score of 418 points. He is the only German Shepherd in the world to have a KNPV PH 1 & PH 2.

Gandhi is also the father of our newest German Shepherd puppy Sting, who is turning out to a amazing Dog. Aesthetically Gandhi is stunningly beautiful to look at, he is a big robust dog with a head like a lion, with a straight back that walks straight on his toes, and NOT on his hawks like you see in so many German Shepherd in today’s world. In his protection he is absolutely devastating, he comes in fast and hard with a bone crushing bite. Gandhi is a very head strong dog, with nerves of steel, but at the same time he can be very sociable, affectionate, and loves to hang out with children. He is very calm in every day life and great in the house.

Gandhi will now go through our Elite Family Estate Protection Dog Program. This is a one in a million opportunity, he definitely was phenomenal find.

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