K.N.P.V. German Shepherd Litter Announcement

We are very excited to announce that we will be breeding Gandhi & Zina.

Gandhi is a KNPV PH 1 & PH 2 German Shepherd import from Holland. He has earned the coveted KNPV PH 2 degree in July of this year with a near perfect score of 418 points. He is the only German Shepherd in the world to have a KNPV PH 1 & PH 2.

Aesthetically Gandhi is stunningly beautiful to look at, he is a big robust dog with a head like a lion, with a straight back, he walks straight on his toes, and NOT on his hawks like you see in so many German Shepherds in the world today. Gandhi’s bloodline is very interesting staring with his direct mother Nastja, and his direct father, famous Germany stud dog, Vito.

Zina is a young German Shepherd that we had bred, she was the pick of the female litter. Zina is a very large female with very strong nerves. She is doing amazing in her training at such a young age. In fact there isn’t anything that she cannot do. You just show her something one time and she will do it right the first time.

Zina’s bloodline is a very strong one, with all KNPV down the line. Starting with her direct father Lubeck, and her direct mother Britt.

We are expecting very large, strong nerved puppies, with great work ethic. There will be some Sable, Black & Tan, and maybe even some solid black puppies. These puppies will be ideal as Personal Protection dogs, high-end KNPV, or even just a great strong family companion dogs.

This litter will take place late 2012, if one is interested in this amazing litter, please contact us.

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