John and Garron The Husky

John and GarranI have always wanted a Siberian Husky as a pet. I am an active outdoors man and I wanted a dog that could keep up with me when I ski or snowboard on vacation on and off-leash.  I purchased Garran, a red Siberian Husky, from a great breeder and I followed the breeders advice to the letter. But I still had problems with house training.  I found Ami on the Internet and she offered a training package that fit my needs perfectly. She was the only trainer who was not “put-off” by my breed and my desire to have control of my dog on leash and off-leash. All of the other trainers said that  it was impossible, but Ami. 

At our first appointment, Ami was interviewed by my entire family and we felt very comfortable with Ami’s philosophy and methods. It didn’t hurt that she was a world traveler and shared my families love of scuba diving.  She is quite the talker, but the information that she gave me and my family allowed  us to understand how Garran’s mind worked-not like ours at all.   Ami spent a great deal of time explaining the four skills Garron needed to master in order to be house trained, which made sense-it is exactly how you train children. Garran had to have a way to let us know when he had to go and Ami showed us how to train GArron to ring bells as his potty signal.

The next item was “gentling” Garran. Ami said that I should prepare Garran for the time when I would have a family full of young, wild toddlers. She showed us how to play ‘games’ with Garran’s food and bones so that he learned to view an interruption of feeding or chewing as a “good thing” which according to Ami would make him safer around children in the future.  This really was invaluable because Garran was very fond of eating and did get a annoyed if bothered-but that has been completely fixed.

My next concern was about Garran’s well known breed behavior of running, most Huskies will run away from home and not return, this was a huge concern for me since my “yard” consists of several unfenced acres. Ami came up with one of the most innovative ideas that I have ever heard of that would always ensure Garran’s safety. Her premise was, “Hey, he is a Husky. He is gonna get out and run off. That isn’t so terrible in and of itself. The problem is that they run so far off that they can’t find their way back home. So let’s teach Garran to always find his way back home.”

So Ami got my entire family involved with training Garran to always return to his house if he runs off. Our goal was that if my dog was released anywhere in a five mile radius of our home, that he could find his way back. Well it worked. We can take our dog at least 5 miles from our house by car or foot and he will hightail it back home at full Husky Speed.  Ami taught us how to teach him to stay on the side of the road so he  has a better chance to avoid being hit by cars. She says that once Garran gets the idea of return to base, we can train him to return to any location with just a practice session or two. A great skill since I love to be outdoors and I want Garran to have the ability to never get lost.

Garran has an impeccable ‘Come When Called” which was taught quickly and humanly with the electric collar.  And I can walk Garran anywhere on or off-leash and he stays right by me and ignores other dogs, cats, squirrels and food. These two things mean more to me than anything else because these skills are the insurance that my dog will stay alive even if he is off-leash. Ami was the one that believed in me and my dog.

The next step is search and rescue training, Ami is pushing me toward snow based training, perhaps Ski Patrol or something. But again, Ami says that Garran can do whatever I want him to do.  Right now she wants me to teach Garran how to ride a skateboard and do some tracking, which will keep us busy for the near future.  SO, this is the end of my testimony for Ami Moore The Memphis Dog Coach. She is honest and tough-but fair! Most of all she will help you realize your dream with  your dog-no matter what. Ami has helped mold Garran into everything people tell you a Siberian Husky can not be: reliable on and off leash. She has shown me simple techniques that help form a lasting bond between owner and dog. He is not just a dog but rather an integral member of my family. People tell you that you can not control a Husky or let him off leash, but we have learned otherwise! Without Ami and all of her expertise I do not know where Garran and I would be, but I do not think it would be pretty.

Thanks Ami
John C. Arlington Heights

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