HSUS and Wayne Building Better Laws For Dogs? Not!

By ESaunders

I must give Wayne Pacelle his due, the man has a wicked sense of irony.  Its April Fool’s Day and he posts on his blog, “Battling to Breed Better Laws”   After reading the entry completely, its unclear though who he thinks he’s fooling.  He is even claiming that HSUS is the martyr in this situation.  Over $152 MILLION in gross receipts in 2007, under $6 million in grants and he is talking about ‘desperate and malicious tactics”, talking of the need to “put more resources into the fight”

Mr. Pacelle claims, as he always does, that commercial breeding facilities are the target of these bills.  The problem is that commercial kennels are regulated at the federal level, by the USDA.  The target of these bills remains and always has been all breeders, therefore the bills target all the breeders they can at the state level.  The goal of these HSUS written bills, as publicly stated by HSUS representatives like NY State Director Patrick Kwan,  is a foot in the door.  As Patrick Kwan announced in a February 2009 New York HSUS meeting, “We know we can’t achieve our goal all at once, so we first limit breeders to 50, then 40, 30 and eventually to our goal.”  

In an organization where the vision is so clearly pushed from the top down, it is highly unlikely that this is the vision of one rogue director.  The consistency of the legislation being presented across the US makes this an impossibility. Patrick Kwan has bragged to supporters in New York that HSUS has written the legislation being presented across the nation and boasted of the goals.  Are we supposed to believe that this is not occurring in the other states with similar legislation from those state reps?

This somewhat hysterical rant from Mr Pacelle is reminiscent of the old scene from the Wizard of Oz, “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN”  Unfortunately for the HSUS, the curtain is being pulled away and the real messages are finally being viewed in  the light of day.  

Oh, and by the way, my previous article Legislation and the Unethical Breeder. A short and long term solution  IS a positive proposition, it is just incompatible with the end goal of a pet-free society.  I came up with it without a single donation.  Why can’t HSUS come up with something similarly positive with $152 MILLION to play with? 

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