Home Invasion & Protection Dogs

It is not a question that this fragile economy has created a number of instabilities amongst the nation, one being an alarming rise in crime. Home invasion is a leading crime that has received considerable exposure in the media within the last few years. The impact that home invasion leaves on its victims extends far beyond the crime itself, it strips them of their sense of safety that everyone deserves to feel in their home.

Although there is no formal definition, a “home invasion” is considered to be different than a breaking and entering. This is due to the fact that there is a premeditated confrontation with the victim as well as the intent to rob or violently act upon the occupants of the home. Home invasion involves different methods used to gain entry that all home owners should be aware of. For example, one method is when the perpetrator may use deception as their way to gain access into a home. This type of invasion typically occurs during the day or early evening and involves the invader pretending to be someone they are not. Another method of home invasion is the use of force to gain entry. In this scenario, the invader may approach the entrance of the home and proceed to break in, possibly through picking a lock or prying open a window. If people do not understand the critical importance of protecting the safety of their home, home invasions could happen even more often than not. Therefore, actions need to be taken by every homeowner to ensure the safety of their loved ones as well as their own. Protection dogs are without question provide a much needed solution to the issue of home invasion.

Protection dogs (guard dogs) are owned by many throughout the world for a reason. For those who are searching for a way to protect yourself from the threat of crime, guard dogs provide a very unique solution. If there was ever a home invasion that occurred, which put you and your family in danger, it would be vital for you to have some form of protection, security dogs would do just that. Say the intruder forced his way into your home, your trained protection dog would be there to respond instantly and prevent any harm to you, your family or your property. Overall, having a protection dog that would always be there on guard protecting you and if need be, serve as your savior in your time of need.

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