Goofy Canines Caught In The Act


  1. PokeSpore28 says:

    playi’n frisbee off of a cliff?! LOL!

  2. angelflower2000 says:


  3. The best at 1:09

  4. little dog jocky

  5. haloracetracks says:

    Lol 0:42 is best

  6. 0:33 best one

  7. MyNotmyname says:

    this is so funny i mean the part when they took the kid away with 2 dogs.

  8. rosebud3012 says:

    lol hope the dog was ok

  9. LOL!

  10. lol the last one was like ohh yeah, until he realized someone was watching xD

  11. elpiruris2002 says:


  12. SebastianEduardoLeto says:

    1:05 OMG

  13. MLPobsession says:

    very funny!!!

  14. 1:06 damn he could jump lolol

  15. man this is so funny lolllllllllllllllllllll wach very funny cats 4

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