Free Dog Calorie Calculator for all Dog Websites, a long-known resource for free dog training courses and videos, is now offering a free online calculator for website visitors to calculate a dog’s daily calorie count. This Dog Calorie Calculator gives the calorie needs for dogs based on their age and lifestyle. It also suggests the amount of food to feed your dog based on the quality of the dog food.

Now, is proud to announce the offering of this free calculator tool to any dog website owners for use on their pages. Whether the website is about dog training or different types of dog breeds, like a Boston Terrier or Rhodesian Ridgeback, the calculator is free to use. “Because many pet owners are now concerned with the households’ dog diet, including the nutrients and amount of food they should be getting each day.” Nipa, Director of, said. “The Dog Calorie Calculator will help a dog website’s visitors discover the exact calorie requirements for their dog, the ingredients in the food they’re feeding their dog now, and how they should be feeding them.”

While this tool is free, is making this dog calorie calculator available to only a select few dog training and dog-themed websites in order to keep it exclusive and in demand. Dog website owners can get the code now from

Besides providing the free dog calorie calculator, offers a wide variety of information for dog owners and enthusiasts. Dog training videos, including the “4 P’s of Dog Training” are popular, as well as summaries on different dog breeds, which dogs shed the most (and how to control it), and which dogs are best for children.

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