Expert Dog Trainer Releases Revolutionary DVD

Expert dog trainer Beth Ostrowski-Parks of Westhampton, Massachusetts has created a solution for dog owners everywhere who want their pets to be better trained but who don’t have time to go to obedience classes.

Veteran Greyhound rescuer; Certified Professional Dog Trainer; and Founder and President of It’s PAWSible! Dog Training Center & Day Camp, Beth Ostrowski-Parks recently released the It’s PAWSible! Dog Training DVD for people to use at home to train their dogs.

The DVD is receiving rave reviews from average pet owners and other dog trainers across the country and worldwide. “As a result of using this DVD, I have my dogs’ complete and utter attention any time I want it,” reports Jacquie Woodward from Burgin, KY about using the DVD with her recently acquired shelter dogs. “My husband and children watched it also, and now training our dog has become a fun, family activity,” said Mary Beth Morris of Longmeadow, Mass. We’ve all been amazed at how well this DVD works!”

Ostrowski-Parks’ techniques defy the old saying about old dogs, because her classes and new DVD have worked with dogs of all ages, of any breed and mix. A perfect example is her own rescued Doberman, Makana, who she transformed from an anxious and aggressive dog into a model demonstration dog, an agility champion, a therapy dog, and her best friend.

Beth has taught thousands of people to train their dogs using positive reinforcement techniques. According to Beth, “Positive reinforcement is not only more humane than using harsh leash corrections or choke collars, but it is also far more effective. Punishment only makes dogs confused and distrustful. A relaxed and trusting dog will learn much faster.”

Beth is thrilled with the positive feedback from dog owners and trainers across the country and even internationally. She is hopeful that the DVD will also be purchased by people getting dogs from shelters, because she knows that when shelter dogs are trained correctly, they have a much higher chance of becoming permanent family members. “I firmly believe that it is possible to create a harmonious and enjoyable relationship with any dog,” Beth said.

The It’s PAWSible! Dog Training DVD is available online at (PRWeb Press Release Newswire). Anyone can view a demo of it right on the website. Questions and/or requests for interviews can be directed to Beth Ostrowski-Parks at 866-376-9304.

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