Easy Puppy Crate Training

Introduction to Easy Puppy Crate Training

Providing your puppy or dog with an indoor kennel crate can satisfy many dogs’ need for a den-like enclosure. A crate can make raising a puppy easy and enjoyable. The crate is a wonderful tool for preventing life threatening accidents and reducing behavioral problems. A crate is a humane and dog friendly training tool that incrases your enjoyment of your dog. A crate:

  • increases easy of housetraining
  • reduces your dog’s anxiety
  • prevents your puppy from learning destructive behavior patterns
  • keeps the puppy away from lethal household items
  • serves as a mobile dog house that can be moved within the house as well as to new locations
  • serves as a convalescent area if your dog is sick or is recovering from surgery
  • prevents the children or adults from injuring the dog by careless/clueless handling.

A crate serves as a travel cabin for your dog when travelling by car, train or plane. Additionally, most hotels which accept dogs on their premises, require them to be crated while in the room to prevent damage to hotel furniture and rugs and to ensure the safety of their employees.

Dogs which have been introduced to the crate while young grow up to prefer their crate to rest in or “hang-out” in.  I have seen dogs retire themselves to the crate when the environment is too chaotic or stressful for them.  My general recommendation is that you provide a crate throughout your dog’s lifetime.

It is also important to actually close the door of the crate to confine the dog.

There have been cases where a dog has never been in a crate with the door closed. Unfortunately, when an emergency occurs and the door of the crate needs to be closed the dog will become frantic and attempt to injure itself as it tries to escape.  A dog owner who neglects to properly crate train their puppy when it is young and impressionable is committing a the crime of neglect.

For more information on how to humanely and easily crate train your puppy please see our Articles.

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