Dog Psychology


Memphis Dog Coach

From my point of view, a proper and balanced dog-human relationship is something that every person who has dogs in their life should experience, just as everyone should experience falling in love.

Student’s ask me why I train my dogs, I tell them that “From my point of view, I train because I am very, very lazy and I want to to where I want, when I want; and I want to take my dogs with me when I go.” And then, I always add, ” Training dogs, my personal dogs, equals freedom for for them. I want my dogs to have a beautiful life from a dog’s point of view. For a dog that means he has someone to follow and somewhere to go. I want my dogs to be “lucky dogs” not liabilities.

From what I have seen, “Dogs that live their lives tied to a tree or exiled to a yard behind a wooden fence or an electric fence are dogs that have ugly lives. They never go anywhere, they don’t do anything, they are all alone, all of the time. Poor things. From a dog’s point of view, it is like being in Hell.”   I ask my friends to think about this,”The dog has no pack to become a part of; he can’t be with his leader, and he never goes anywhere. How is that existence beautiful?”

Dog Whispering is an art more than a science; it is an art that can be taught to anyone who has the will, skill, time and commitment to opening up to the ways of the dog. Generally, dog whispering is done with a minimum of equipment. The Dog Whisperer uses a system of touch and tone, or “Tap and Tell” to connect with the dog, and to override and realign the dog’s erratic and unbalanced brain waves and energy meridians. Sounds like voodoo, looks like voodoo, works like voodoo; which means it works really, really well, and science can’t explain how. Science does not yet have the technology to reveal the the how’s and why’s.
“I want my client’s to experience “PfarPfenpflugle“.It can only be experienced with the dog at liberty.The dog must be free to choose you over the entire world,and even over pleasing himself. If you can’t walk your dog, without a collar and leash; anywhere, any place, any time; then your dog doesn’t love you. There’s no PfarPfenpflugle.” Ami Moore the Dog Whisperer of Chicago