Dog Obedience

What I do is different and unique.  I use a combination of dog psychology and dog communication techniques to create instant and permanent change in your dog from naughty to nice.

In my opinion, a dog that is not mannerly and trustworthy off-leash is a dog that is not well trained.

I have the education, the experience and the credentials that prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can gently motivate and educate both you and your dog.

I, and my staff are experts with Big Dog Training, Small Dog Training and Potty Training.

Dog Obedience Training

As a teacher, a therapist and a coach of people and dogs I can tell you that love is where it all begins-but without rules and leadership (what I call Alphatude), love alone will not allow your dog to have a big, wonderful life with you and your family.

I use one of the biggest, most exciting and most versatile training sites to train your dog; the entire city of Chicago. In order to have a dog that is a pleasure to live with at home and joy to walk on the street your dog must be trained in all of these environments: the street, the restaurant, the dog park, the local bar, the beach and the local school.

  • Do you want your dog to have good manner at Starbucks, well then your dog has to hang out at Starbucks!
  • Do you want your dog to ignore other dogs when you walk down the street instead of lunging at them?
  • Well you dog has to be walked everyday down a busy street full of silly obnoxious dogs that your dog must ignore when he is with you.

I offer the best dog training service in Chicago, I pledge to educate your dog in the way that you want to live your dog-off-leash.

Ready to get your dog educated, call 847-284-7760.
We are here to help change your dog from naughty to nice each and every day.