Adam’s Code

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Chicago Dog Obedience Training


Adam’s Code is a special rehabilitative technique that allows people to connect and communicate with a dog in its language, within its culture; and in a matter of minutes create a two way interspecies communication system.  By using a system of physical manipulation, spatial encroachment, audial communication and energy recalibration, I and anyone else, can achieve mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual dominion over the dog. I do this by completely satisfying the dog’s genetic compulsion to bond with a leader.


A dog has two (2) minds the higher mind, the cognitive mind, the mind of thought and responsibility is what I call the ‘Angel Mind’.  When in this state of mind, the dog will lay down his life for us, his Alpha.

The second mind; the oldest mind, the most dangerous mind is the ‘Reptile Mind‘, the mind of appetite, primitive instincts and the desire for prey and aggression.  This is your dog’s “Inner Wolf”, this is the part of your dog that must be satisfied before your dog can love you.

In order to educate, communicate and rehabilitate the dog, one must be able to connect and then coordinate those two (2) very different aspects of the canine mind.


The dog is allowed to behave naturally, and to regain his inner equilibrium at his own pace, and as a result issues of fear, boldness, hyperactivity, aggression, assertiveness, leash aggression are other imbalances and illnesses caused by the stress of living in an unnatural, isolated, sedentary, permissive existence are habilitated.

The dog learns his place, finds his purpose, as well as discovers the value of cooperation by interacting with dogs at liberty, al fresco and ‘au natural’ as nature intended.




Every other training method requires that you keep a metal training collar and leash on your dog constantly, or worse yet forces you, the loving dog owner, to use training devices that are little more than canine straight jackets.These non-dog friendly, inhumane, torture devices manage behavior by causing your dog to feel pain, by using positive punishment, not change behavior.

Gentle Leaders, Halti’s, Snoot Loops, Sensation Harness, Walking Harness, head harnesses, are all pain-causing devices,  of torture, that is why they work. They hurt your, they cause your dog extreme pain to the face, neck or torso dog when your dog pulls forward.  The sad fact is, that when you, the loving owner takes off all of the recommended dog training equipment, the dog acts just as crazy as it did before you put the equipment on!  Like straight jackets; head halters, harnesses, steel training collars don’t teach your dog anything, they just suppress behavior.

Chicago Dog and Man


  • The dog learns in a stress free manner
  • The dog is not bribed with food.
  • The owner does not have to learn to ‘fade’ the food away
  • A skilled trainer can achieve off-leash reliability, at a distance in five (5) days.
  • Dog breeds that are considered impossible to train, Asian breeds, sled dogs, scent hounds, can be trained to off-leash reliability quickly and reliably.
  • Dogs can be guided to stop unwanted behaviors gently, quickly and for ever!

You don’t need to be strong, don’t need to be big, don’t need to have lots of skill, don’t need to have lots of time, don’t need to be smart, don’t need to be fast, don’t need to restrain/contain their dogs for hours on end.  It is so gentle, easy and simple that a young child can master the method!

Once the dog understands the new language that we have taught it, that  “Attention” to you, the Master, pays off; the rest of the training, about 80%, is taught to the dog through “play” and “pleasure”.